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The car sticks film to weigh transparent

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: [2005-10-8] Read in all [2799] In last few years as car big market rise temperate zone to move a car to decorate the market ceaselessly unusually hot, this also gives a lot of undesirable operator shoddy, diddle sudden huge profits offerred an opportunity, the sun film of all sorts of class flies to all sorts of brands all over the sky, consumer is done to get not know what to do, can laissez-faire. Affixed car film cannot cross how long is not fading is degum, do not have adiabatic action at all even, the businessman's assurance is most also the time with respect to a few years, in sticking film actually, although a lot of film had the effect that lie between light, but diaphaneity is poor, the influence drives the person's line of sight, reduced the security of car.

A few days ago, a kind " fast special " adiabatic film appears on the market recently. Hit permanent quality to assure. According to " fast special " of friend of total representative of sun film China is blessing company general manager, whole technology that stick film introduce person Taiwan Tai Yuanxian of Liu of advanced hairdressing technician gives birth to the introduction: Sun film should undergo the test of time, can not on the composition that not degum, bubbly key depends on glue, of other film colloid be able to bear or endure the difference that await a gender namely the scathing rate of high temperature resistant, low temperature, ultraviolet ray is poor, the ultraviolet ray after the insolate with long sun can cut off structure of the element inside glue, make colloid ageing, decay, happen local and bubbly, fall off even, and " fast special " of explosion proof film colloid it is to use advanced " the force that press a gram produces rubber " , its interior increased UV ultraviolet ray to reflex an agent, add treatment of plating of gush of the classics inside film to contain composition of alloy of excel in of titanium, nickel to be able to reflex the ultraviolet ray of 99% , protected security of the member that the car mies wife greatly, prolong the service life of the article inside the car and sun film itself. Amounting to coating of alloy of 7 titanium, nickel is to ensure endure litre fall hundred thousands of times of car pane chafe and the premise of nondestructive of sun film a bit assures, of high-tech splash the adiabatic sex that shoots color technology to make sun film not only and very good again to have admirable one-way and clairvoyant sex again, light transmittance can be as high as 90% above, adjacent at transparent, no matter the depth of velar color won't affect the personnel inside the car to observe the line of sight of the outside, even if night also won't be affected back a car, turn, the operation such as tune. Special film strengthened windscreen before velar toughness still undertook dazzle is handled preventing at the same time, have very strong explosion proof sex not only, person of car internal injury splatters after disintegrate of the windscreen before preventing, no matter the person that make drive again is in sun dazzling when still be in nightly, the other side can reduce radial intensity greatly when car headlight is point-blank, make drive from beginning to end the person's eye is more comfortable.
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