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The maintenance of car exterior

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  The attention washs car in time. Those who carry a car is clean, relying on to brush dust only is insufficient, want to notice to often wash car with seasonable ground. Special clear lotion mixes best use car alkalescent small soap, cannot wait with household cleanser and washing powder contain alkalescent high catharsis things, washing dirt to be able to quicken paint surface ageing at the same time otherwise, make car loses luster.

Notice fixed glazing. Car travel period of time, should undertake the surface burnishs with cerated processing. Abroad is very exquisite to car waxing, have a lot of appropriative tools and stuff. The clear lotion that uses normally before waxing has two kinds: One kind is abrasive model, but layer of oxidation of lacquer of erase surface day; Another kind is chemical clear lotion, can dissolve deposit smeary so that erasure. When using, clean bodywork clean first, swab on besmear cream or clean an agent, swab with towel. When wax, had better use special tool, if do not have special tool, can replace with soft cloth, use the method that dentate or round circularity grinds, should avoid to be in next sunshine is point-blank waxing at the same time.

Notice pluvial hind brushs a car in time. Urban air is polluted, car is drenched by rain wet hind, be like not seasonable rainwater erase, if be shot by intense in relief illumination again, appear very easily stain and make exterior burnish drops. So, should seasonable rainwater rub-up.

The attention is plastic clean method. Contemporary car exterior is used plastic a lot of. What paint to going up is plastic, should use superior clear lotion more; When waxing cannot overweight, prevent to penetrate paint shows an impression.

Notice plating smooth metal maintain. Smooth to plating metal, charcoal essence cleaner should be used when cleaning, cannot use horniness appliance to blow except dirty content. Plating is smooth also answer fixed waxing, be not oxidized in order to protect film.

The attention is antirust. Car paint and eletroplating component have good antirust capacity commonly, can be the solder that goes up to bodywork dot, juncture and the position that had accepted abrade rust easily. Accordingly, after car is using period of time, should undertake necessary antirust processing. Outfall wants regular examination, keep expedite. Chassis should inspect its circumstance to undertake in time painting preventing.

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