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The sensation of vitality

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  This work that completes by famous car manufacturer and famous artist collaboration, cannot have regarded a car as simply, I am willing to regard it as more an artwork.

Volvo has a special liking all the time to car coloured drawing or pattern, often hold contest of originality of automobile body coloured drawing or pattern to popularize art of car coloured drawing or pattern, volvo Car Taiwan ever was held in Taiwan last year " match of coloured drawing or pattern of car of VOLVO life dream " , invite red capsule of 3 famous illustrator, Li Jin human relations, TICO, regard Volvo S40 as the canvas that originality brandish asperses.

This, they invited world-renowned artist Luo Mei Luo Bulituo uses contemporary and popular style to have artistic treatment to V50, the V50 that this coloured drawing or pattern is over is shown before us now.

Car of new fund Volvo V50 is the high-grade station waggon of a be worthy of the name, keep young from beginning to end to state of mind and having powerful appeal to the person that lays to be full of passion alive. The exterior design of this client group to the car and functional sex are very exacting. Accordingly, the design of this car is to reflect athletic move already mainly, have multinomial and practical function and ample baggage cabin space again.

Be aimed at these character, the coloured drawing or pattern that holds in the palm in cloth of · of plum the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces has the very good artistic instinctive quality that reflected his considering model characteristic namely. We see the V50 colour of this coloured drawing or pattern is lively, gorgeous; Design is concise and abound change; The contour line of dense, divide outside containing an optional sex, still can appreciate a kind initiative and the shock force that cannot defy. Behaved Luo Mei very well Luo Bulituo is new the artistic style with cubist popularity.

Collect plum the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces. Bulituo and Volvo Motor Corporation are " outstanding and budding " of charitable organization aid financially an unit actively. This organization is orgnaization of gain of a blame, through offerring man-to-man friendship and opportunity of omnibus obtain employment, group of help mental retardation improves life quality. This distinctive Volvo V50 car will be auctioned this year, sale income will be donated " outstanding and budding " charitable organization.

Perhaps such we are OK the better design that Tong Zhi is full of in understanding those automobile body coloured drawing or pattern and lively colour. Remember Taigeer is in " new moon collect " a few medium poems: "I wish the center that I can be in my world of the child, take one part kosher.

I know to star talks with him, the sky is lop before him also, with it foolish foolish Yun Duo and rainbow come amusement Yue he.

Those everybody think he is dumb person, those look to resemble is the person that never can ambulate, carried their story, held the dish of the toy that installing multicoloured completely in both hands, come procumbently to the front of his window. Come procumbently to the front of his window..
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