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New Che Jin prevents: Aeriform killer is polluted inside the car

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: [2005-10-8] Read in all [2375] Result of same lawsuit different

Before before long, two courts of Beijing heard the suit that pollutes about the air inside the car two cases, because be inside our country car,pollution still does not have uniform standard, the law case with two similar circumstanceses got two disparate results unexpectedly.

A few days ago, court of district of Beijing abundant stage is right the pollution inside the car since domestic head exceeds mark to sent dead case to undertake first instance adjudicates, think accuser evidence is insufficient, reject the litigant request of its seek redress. 2002, the wife of accuser Li Fajun bought the homebred car that a small platoon measures, after using a month, many haemorrhage dot appears on the body, and at be by diagnose in those days aplastic anemia, cure is invalid die. Subsequently, li Fajun concerns car deliver the branch detect, as a result content of benzene of the air inside indication car exceeds bid badly, and benzene is toxic and OK cause aplastic anemia, introduced to concerned party dock then.

Because be polluted inside the car,be likewise, there still was customer of a car 2002 the case that shape solicits car dealer to win the lawsuit: The Mr Lu flower of Beijing bought an United States 690 thousand yuan to produce strange ram car. Lie between when before long, begin occurrence lose one's hair, weep, the symptom such as dizziness. After 5 months, mr Lu is by diagnose " formaldehyde is catalytic " .

After will new car sends to concerned orgnaization to undertake detecting, content of the formaldehyde inside result discovery car exceeds mark of check of condition of national chamber core to allow 26 times, belong to exceed bid badly. The court adjudicates the accused compensates for accuser lawfully each loss adds up to 750 thousand yuan.

   Investigate discovery: 9 exceed bid into the pollution inside new car vehicle

Average person can choose the design of the car and property seriously when buying new car, but circumstance of the environment inside the Chinese car vehicle that begins in Beijing recently investigates discovery, circumstance of pollution of the air inside the car also ought to be the element that key check needs when buying a car. Preliminary investigation makes clear, measure a level according to the check of indoor environment, the air inside the new car vehicle of 90% is unqualified, contaminant of partial new car exceeds bid badly.

According to Chinese division assist committee of major of environment of project couplet car is right by check car vehicle advocate investigation, on subjective feeling, homebred car compares quality of condition of core of entrance car vehicle to differ, 90% above are homebred the car of the car advocate mirror to new car odour intense, price 50 thousand - 150 thousand yuan model report is most, subjective and bad feeling and model class become car core place inverse ratio.

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