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Summer sticks velar whole strategy: Test, installation piece

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: [2005-10-8] Read in all [1222]Explosion proof film identifies 5 criterion -- the actor bad that how identifies explosion proof film

At present domestic car consumes the good and evil people mixed up of brand it may be said of film of the explosion proof on the market, line of the products is various, class of on any account is differ, a lot of illegal businessmen not hesitate to input film of numerous and inferior explosion proof to the market for obtain sudden huge profits, shoddy, to this we provide an a few judgement and the means that choose to everybody, consult for everybody, avoid to be deceived.

1, vision. The first thing is to use an eye to observe of course, pass visual perception to suffer, friends can be mixed to clairvoyant sex of film above all definition has an abecedarian understanding and knowledge, the definition of film of high grade explosion proof can be as high as 90% above, and no matter color depth, clairvoyant function all good, in nightly, wet drive a vehicle also can carry good line of vision. And what inferior film uses is common coloring craft, rely on color heat insolation, color is so deep, see a sense outwards from the car special faintness.

2, touch. General and inferior film to reduce cost, adoption data is very weak at the same time very thin, lack enough tenacity, and easy corrugate; As opposite as this, high grade film feels a feeling to rise thick, flowing; When accordingly friends are being bought, go feeling in kind with the hand, perceive velar quality of a material.

3, smell. The actor bad that will judge explosion proof film with smell also is direct and the method of effective. Content of the benzene in the sub remain dissolvent of inferior film is high, have peculiar smell, car of can serious harm advocate healthy, because of this film to having peculiar smell, friends are best stay at a respectful distance from sb.

4, brush with alcohol, benzine. Because inferior film is glue coloring film, sub is wiped after the covering layer of purify film so, fade it is thus clear that namely phenomenon. Still can open the hyaline layer of car film the reverse side in addition, fall with good thing equalize, the fade of inferior film is more serious, have nick.

5, check adiabatic effect, the imitate sun illuminant such as the incandescent lamp of use high-power, check film hold back caloric ability, rate of inferior film heat insolation is low, wrinkle very easily, bend, be out of shape, sit in the car to be able to have frowziness feeling, in the meantime, it lies between ultraviolet effect very poor, do not rise to protect the article inside the car and the action of the personnel that take a car.

   Without dirt process of the installation that stick film is contacted completely

The fund with very favorite make choice of hind, be about to begin to stick film to love a car next, the process of the standard that stick film should choose to undertake in the workshop that do not have dirt, the construction shop that accordingly we want to choose a major above all will undertake sticking velar process. The basic course that stick film should include the following program:
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