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Summer sticks velar whole strategy: 4 stick velar reason

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: [2005-10-8] Read in all [2102] Why to want to stick film, believe to this problem the friend of 80% can be blurted out, "Just like sunglass, principal is to use it to prevent ultraviolet ray and infrared ray of course " , but face had experienced tens of year the world of explosion proof film of development, such answer appears too plain it seems that, what reason to still have? Stick velar reason, today's explosion proof film should give everybody 4 at least:

Prevent ultraviolet ray and infrared ray

The summer is the fastigium that explosion proof film sticks film, numerous friend stick film and the opportunity that change film to choose was in this is seasonal, important is film of car explosion proof can cut off effectively the sunshine with glowing summer, reduce the use of car air conditioning effectively thereby, save fuel, improve air conditioning efficiency.

Preventing ultraviolet ray is additionally one of explosion proof film main function, prevent the article inside the car effectively to fade ageing, prevent the skin by the sun burnable; On the other hand infrared ray can produce much heat energy, if the car is long-term exposed to the open air is under ultraviolet ray and infrared ray, content of car interior trim absorbs heat energy quickly to make the temperature inside the car elevatory with respect to the likelihood, raise negative charge of automobile body air conditioning at the same time, waste the sources of energy, because this avoids the illuminate of ultraviolet ray and infrared ray effectively, not only can tutelar skin, still can compare effectively managing the sources of energy at the same time.

   Explosion proof security

This is the new function that develop as explosion proof film and derives. Because explosion proof film has very strong absorption affinity, when accident happening, when car pane burst, as a result of the element of explosion proof film, it is OK the glass of agglutinate spallation piece, the member that protect a car to my wife thereby does not get the cut of vitreous fragment. Security aspect, brunet film is OK still the article inside cloak car prevents thief peek, assure the safety of property and car.

   Individual privacy protects a function

Because explosion proof film is had one-way and pervious to light quality, namely the person inside the car can see the case outside the car clearly, the person outside the car cannot see the case inside the car however, accordingly, after the explosion proof film with high grade mount, even if be in with the sweetheart of honey of car a relative on one's wife side you, also or deposited a few important things on board you, beardless and anxious " achievement discloses " , and your privacy also protects those who get top limit.

   Prevent dazzle

Explosion proof film can filter partial dazzle, make the person's eye better off, slow down strong illumination shoots the generation of next visual exhaustion, improve a car at the same time advocate eye shot, ensure drive safe.
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