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Summer sticks velar whole strategy: Army group of 4 old products

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: [2005-10-8] Read in all [1487] second at present brand of film of the car on home market has more than 100 kinds, famouser basically dragon film, 3M, confederative emperor is born peaceful, by force, Ma of power solid, USL, FSK, Lei Peng, actor, Suo Ni, in these brands, major source is located in the United States, also have the product that comes from southeast Asia partly of course, but in general, american product held the majority market of car film.

In this one part, we will have representative product to undertake a classification most on the market, according to the formation of the brand the discretion of principle and class is divided for 4 army group, match for masterstroke according to the price of the car with the model limits with different applicable army group, there also is inevitable connection between car price and car film of course, when friends are choosing film, can mix according to oneself be fond of favorite brand and oneself economy supports the car film that capacity will come choose to suit his.

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