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Popular this year " bone feels " interior trim of beautiful car metal is quite w

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: [2005-10-8] Read in all [limelight of beauty of feeling of the bone in circle of 2405] second recreation strong, car interior trim changed his costume or dress to also be affected it seems that, emerge as the times require is installed inside the metal that a kind of bone feels, the metal will be the another popularity after wood of afterwards copy peach changes his costume or dress material.

The outfit inside current metal basically distributes aluminium of the chromium that it is plating, metal piece, steel piece the material such as punch.

Plating chromium

Because plating chromic craft was producing link to produce a lot of foul water, manufacturer home should invest construction to abandon water treatment equipment, cost is very high, because this plating chromium is in inside the metal among outfit price is top.

The metal is acted the role of

Basically apply end of Yu Dengmei, lamp, postern adornment, blast tuyere, block, back a car the part such as the hand of door catch of lens, car, footplate that welcome guest. Because the metal glances the result is strong, need not change his costume or dress at appearance dial commonly, with avoiding attention of the person that drive dispersedly.

Act the role of to adding outfit metal, proposal car advocate do not misuse data likewise, can rise the band that assembles inside 3 kinds of metals to be applied neatly. For example in the marked part such as net, rearview mirror uses plating chromium, the antagonism such as the footplate that welcome guest controls the position with sexual high demand, can use the metal of armor plate punch, and the backseat such as armrest box can use spray metal color, the course is so tie-in, the metal that can enhance whole vehicle already feels, make interior trim appears modern, and can save many money.

Carbon fiber

Change his costume or dress to carbon fiber, believe everybody is not too familiar, but it is to have a fever to come friendlily however love, because it is having light quantify a characteristic, so by be applied in great quantities on cycle racing. Quite interesting is, the classical colour of carbon fiber is the grid of black and white alternate with, the flag that brandishs with the terminus on tensile competition ground is tonal and consistent. Current, carbon fiber changes his costume or dress to leave without popularity come, concern with its price that gets on 10 thousand yuan at every turn.

The copy carbon fiber that at present market place makes work changes his costume or dress a price is quite low, because of this car advocate still can spend not much money have been to sufficient " cycle racing " addiction, and this kind changes his costume or dress to highlight individual character very easily.

Notable is, because copy carbon fiber changes his costume or dress a spoken parts in an opera the outward appearance that has carbon fiber only, quality is a lot of poorer than true carbon fiber, so carbon fiber of this kind of copy changes his costume or dress to be able to use as only adornment, its function and metal are acted the role of or interior trim of copy peach wood is same, and cannot apply its wait for place at engine lid.
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