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Film of installation explosion proof has why good

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: [2005-10-8] Read in all [1282] Ask: I plan to install explosion proof film in adornment inn, just understand the explosion proof film that before film of whole vehicle explosion proof is mixed, blocks when wanting to undertake installing different still, and latter also wants on the price expensive piece a lot of. If is explosion proof film blocked to you can be affected before my installation,drive the line of sight? What profit does if do not have an influence,it have again?

Answer: The explosion proof film that the part blocks before should say is the most crucial part on whole automobile body, special film uses windscreen before means of SPUTTERED gush plating, will adherent rise at the metallic scale of base material double, commonner also film has definition to rise considerably. Before windscreen film not only can the radiate of attenuation ultraviolet ray, those who once produce the obverse side,be like bump an accident, windscreen film still can stick fast before glass, do not send fly medicinal powder harm department takes staff. And, film of the windscreen before installation, still can help you reduce oily cost when summertime drive a vehicle.

In addition, our newspaper reporter is here special remind each car advocate, must arrive to decorate the windscreen before inn is stuck normally special film. The windscreen before some agency pretend to be common film is special film, in order to earn profit of high specified number. Common film does not have explosion proof function not only, still can make a driver giddy, dazed, scathing eyesight, and the transmissivity of common film is inferior, can hamper in nocturnal occasional wet driver line of sight.

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