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The summer is not concealed inside advent car " aeriform killer "

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: [2005-10-8] Read in all [1304] second the harmful gas that new car material volatilizes character, old car uses medium mould to wait, these it may be said is " aeriform killer " , can commensurate gas pollutes a source together, minatory wide cart advocate healthy.

The method of condition of core of a the earliest kind of pure and fresh car, it is the sauna inside the car, eliminate the harmful material inside the car through high temperature vapour, the bacterium that goes up like the fabric such as carpet, roof, seat. This is in a little somes big car adornment inn can undertake, cost is not high, differ according to decorating all the class of inn, use device, drug, the price from a few differ to 89 yuan. Last year SARS period, with " smooth accelerant " undertake to car air conditioning and air channel cleanness became a kind modern.

The eye looked at the summer, mould of the air conditioning inside the car became the main source that air pollutes, produce unpleasant peculiar smell. CCC technology solution of the United States came on stage when P.S. . It is reported, it can effect a radical cure the mould on air conditioning evaporator, film of its third rare acid can keep old on evaporator, itself insipidity is avirulent. Expenditure differs according to car class, secondary value is controlled in 300 yuan.

If let others handle you to still not be at ease, also but oneself start work, deploy portable antiseptic implement. Card of dog of this kind of day is antiseptic implement use ultraviolet ray and ozone, price is 280 yuan. Simply inserts this product power source to insert aperture or join arrives on cigar lighter, hold start work use switch, open is antiseptic implement, antiseptic canal shuts the ultraviolet ray after 20 minutes automatically, can be in 8 ~ kill virus bacterium inside 10 minutes, oxygen complements in the meantime, purify air.

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