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Cause a harm to driving health of the person that multiply 9 be polluted into mu

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Formaldehyde exceeds bid occupy by 23.4% of sum total of investigation new car

Benzene chroma exceeds 75.1% of mark

Cause greater harm to driving the health of the person that multiply

Yesterday, "China first circumstance of pollution of car core condition investigates an activity " announce Beijing area findings, result discovery, have 93. The environment inside the car of the degree be differringed by investigation car existence of 82% is polluted.

According to introducing, in 1175 cars that accept investigation, detect entirely the project amounts to mark have 52 only. In the new car that accepts investigation, harmful material formaldehyde exceeds bid inside the car amount to 190, occupy by 23 of sum total of investigation new car. 4% , chroma of the benzene inside the car exceeds bid those who amount to 610, 75.1% what hold sum total, and the mark be exceedinged by toluene of investigation new car that is as high as 81.6% , make a person anxious.

Pass the discovery after to coming from May 1994 the car that purchases between December 2002 undertakes detecting, pollution of condition of core of old car vehicle is quite general also, but as more inferior than pollutant chroma as new car photograph, after adopting true ventilated measure or effective processing, can reach safe level.

Investigate discovery through this, car core place is first pollutant is toluene, wait for benzene, xylene and formaldehyde next, if the pollutant inside these a few kinds of cars cannot get effective processing for a long time, of the person that will multiply to driving healthy cause greater harm.

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