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How to make decoration to the love car that buys newly?

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After you buy the love car that admire in the heart, have carried you about decorating the proposal of the respect at 3 o'clock.

One, install guard against theft first
No matter whether you plan to make decoration to the car, device of guard against theft is indispensible. Guard against theft implement dead engine can be locked up below condition of guard against theft, it is primary vehicle key also cannot launch the car already, can join at the same time of 4 door in accuse a lock, switch door is very convenient, have already cry flute caution function, can adjust position of quiet tone guard against theft again, prevent faze civilian; Gear lock must install Israel to install an entrance formerly, this kind of lock is protected with 10 years, can prevent the destruction of electric saw electric drill.

2, stick film cannot carelessness
Stick film to must undertake indoors, when choosing film, choose to have the film of entrance explosion proof that keeps qualitative card as far as possible. Before, hind windscreen glass wants pieces whole stickup, if stick,die plait, manufacturer is responsible tear down stick again. Have the adornment store of dimensions, respect of brand of film of ground is in a factory, explosion proof, color, stickup technology, after service can satisfy above to ask. And to street edge small shop, stickup quality is false even velar dispute is more.

3, see working environment, want normal bill
Normal installation is premise in order to cherish client car, no matter new car is old car, before getting on a car, installation personnel must have spread one-time crural mat and seating in the car. Necessary place puts overlay cloth ability to begin to work even. Finishing hind, still answer to clean car inside and outside clean, ability can make a car. To assure to install quality and after service, besides should enter regular store, still should ask for receipt of formal bill, computer to reach guarantee accordingly card.

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