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New car decorates 4 big notes

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: [2005-9-28] Read in all [1374] second   warms up gradually as what buy car climax, new car decorates market the good and bad are intermingled, the confused phenomenon of good and evil people mixed up is more and more apparent. Source of peaceful of Liu of chief engineer of friendly blessing company admonishs consumer: When new car is decorated, want to accomplish, choose regular store, goods compares 3, want a manual, 2 should see the sign that prevent bogus, 3 should assure card.

Product of guard against theft

Electronic guard against theft is current on the market more advanced have " can talk " guard against theft implement, the place that if have GSM network,enclothes only, you can monitor the sound that periphery reachs inside him car at any time, OK still to the propaganda to the enemy at the front line inside the car, frighten block bandits; Also can jockey to the recriminate that be executed by disaster car, monitor, propaganda to the enemy at the front line, break oil / cut off the power. Of enginery can choose a kind to cry " century gold " lock of soft chain gear, solid, beautiful, more reliable.

Seal glair hairdressing

Car exterior resembles the person's appearance, new car when color is gorgeous, bright and clean, can use period of time to be able to send black, pale, what method can maintain the color of new car for a long time? At present most scientific is then " seal glair " hairdressing. Use when new car " glair " rise car lacquer bag to isolate with the outside, still need not wax, it is make the best of both worlds really, it is OK to when maintaining at ordinary times, rush clean with water, had better be not to go computer washs car room to wash a car.

Chassis seals model

The rubber tree fat that it is a kind of tall adherent sex, will tall flexibility divides second spray to be on car batholith, reduced the strength that arenaceous stone bumps greatly, still can achieve anticorrosive, antirust, prevent the magical effect that strike, be in especially the spring with frequent wet, slush and slushy agent are had strong corrode, "Chassis seals model " more indispensable. This one can be united in wedlock " sound insulation project " , provide a quiet space for you. <br>

Stick " film of explosion proof sun "

Stick film to must not have dirt exercise indoors, and want whole to stick cannot make sb the first aim of attack, before sticking film, should observe to whether there is the bid that prevent bogus on film, the explosion proof film of the entrance deserves to send 6 years to assure card. Sun film is being blocked before be aimed at is more very be necessary, the car splatters after it can raise security to prevent glass to break not only inside, can hold back ultraviolet illuminate human body and appearance dial again, make you and your love car is protected best at the same time, but before blocking film is special film, ask everybody to should take care to choose more, false film can make a person swimmy and affect the line of vision.
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