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The night does not give safe mount the eye in loneliness

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What light has become the shell with beautiful car and function is important form, but the mainest effect of car light -- , safe, often be ignored however when buying a car.

Go up century at the beginning of 80 time before, car headlamp fastens full glass sealed type, its camera lens and illuminator are an organic whole repeatedly, heat radiation incandescent lamp is placed among. At the beginning of 80 time, appeared the headlamp that illuminant can change style. To 80 time evening, to ensure the car is on the freeway stable, safe travel, raise the intensity of illumination that headlamp is in 50 meters in car ahead 12 lux from 6 lux again, introduce tall smooth effect gas discharge light will replace bittern tungsten incandescent lamp.

Car lamp sort is more now, regard the outfit outside the car as floodlight, floodlight of travel having evening, fog lamp, when turning, use at lamp of curve illuminative curve and indicator; The car is hind light having check, indicator, with headlamp at the same time the taillight of ignition point, be in what the parking lot finds easily to have trace to the source the viewfinder that reflexes character, back-up lamp and plate floodlight. Common weighs nocturnal travel floodlight " headlight " , dipped beam becomes when reasonable use headlight should accomplish meeting car, after meeting car change in time a main beam, in order to put far line of sight, the line of vision that when making up for meeting car, causes is not clear. Mix through roundabout when undertaking overtake, answer to hint in order to alternate light of far and near comes.

Taillight is the safest for corner trichromatic taillight, offer at the same time rear reach side square safe information. Installation of lamp of average stop a car is in as identical as taillight or adjacent position, and the exalted stop light that the installation that appears recently is in the place such as glazing, because be apart from taillight further, the position taller, because this driver steps on brake,Shi Jixin date is more easily from the back car discovery, the result that brake condition shows is more ideal.

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