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Sound insulation is covered improve listen respectfully result

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: [2005-9-28] Read in all [the airtight sex that deadening of car of 1365] second   can raise door, engine cabin not only, make noise attenuation, prevent sand blown by wind invade, return the listen respectfully result that can improve car acoustics.

Automobile factory business is reduce automobile body weight, and use automobile body of punch of thin stencil steel, use the data such as glass reinforced plastics, aluminium alloy at automobile body to make even. Although the weight of automobile body is reduced, but the effect that goes against car sound equipment to develop ideal. Because door is hollow, without deadening fill, loudhailer also is spent in high density without installation board on, make murmur twice increases.

The United States is fast special the car loudhailer that the company rolls out is covered use tall aluminium screen, form bimetallic interlining damp with automobile body, heat energy of translate into of quantity of shake kinetic energy, the acoustic quality that improves sound box effectively to be brought about because of door plaque resonance is lack fidelity.

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