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Windscreen should stick special film before

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: [2005-9-28] Read in all [film is blocked before 1192] second   goes decorating inn normally to stick appropriative, not only won't affect observation the line of sight, enter red light, and can cut off sunshine radiate, in the side when summertime drive a vehicle you reduce oily cost.

The windscreen before some agency pretend to be common film is special film, in order to earn profit of high specified number. Common film does not have explosion proof function not only, and can make a driver giddy, dazed, scathing eyesight. The transmissivity of common film is inferior, in nocturnal occasional wet can hamper the driver observes. Fast special explosion proof film is affirmatory still and permanent protect qualitative.

Special film uses windscreen before means of SPUTTERED gush plating, will add write the metallic rate at base material to rise double, commonner also film has definition to rise considerably. Before windscreen film is OK the radiate of attenuation ultraviolet ray, the skin of the member that make multiply is not sent suntan, ageing; Although be in what the obverse side produces on the road to bump an accident, before windscreen film is OK closely clingy glass, do not send fly medicinal powder the member that harm is multiplied; Before windscreen is special the line of sight that film makes the driver observes road surface is insusceptible, won't enter red light accordingly more.

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