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Car accident flees for his life have skill

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As car of domestic illicit home advocate increasingly grow in quantity, car security more and more be paid close attention to, besides the safety of the car, of the person that drive drive habit and the processing below sudden accident are very important also.  

The 3 major premise that flee for his life successfully

1. Drive carriage correctly: Punish calls? of Xian   is accomplished the body and sit chair does not have aperture;

2. Fasten good safety belt: A surname of grey  of  of boundless and indistinct of spruce extensive of Yun of Kuang of a surname of ο of hole of captive of  stepping on  shames in all Mou of throat of dredge reed happy event is rotten brag band  of  of joyous ㄒ of R of deceive of spruce extensive of  of prostitute of Tiao of  of the clear that do bit steps on island of  of Deng of  of Ke of   captive to risk step on 

3. Cool-headed, clear judgement.

   After to turn over flee for one's life method

Because be bumped with fraise, after bringing about car to turn over, should adopt flee for his life correctly method.

1. Flameout: This is the most principal operation;

2. Adjust the body: Do not be eager to unlock safety belt, answer to adjust body gesture first. Specific pose is: Both hands props up roof first, double foot step lives car both sides, affirmatory body is fixed, skill unlock safety belt, put the body slowly, face about opens door;

3. Observation: After there is danger outside affirmatory car, escape again door of dispatch a vehicle, avoid a car to stop in danger zone, or by on the side fleeted car is contused;

4. Flee for one's life early or late: If in front of took two people, should deputy drive personnel to go out first, because deputy drive the position to do not have steering wheel, the space is larger, go out easily;

5. Knock broken car window: If because door is out of shape or other reason cannot be opened, lv of take an examination flees for his life from car window. If car window is,close condition, answer to knock cullet as soon as possible. As a result of before the construction of windshield is double deck colophony is contained between glass, knock not easily broken, and the aggrandizement glass that around car window is meshy construction, knock a bit brokener rectify a glass to break completely namely, because this uses professional weight,in car pane the position of one horn is beaten.

   After the car enters water flee for one's life method

The near future, beijing appears a few cases one after another the accident that the car causes much person to die into water, flee for his life to also make the central point that everybody pays close attention to in water. The coach also was done to this explain meticulously.

1. The car enters water process in, because car head is heavier, answer to flee for his life from car backlash as far as possible so;
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