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What is electronic stability control?

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The reporter is looking around when car of North America international was exhibited 2007, see, of function of automobile security system upgrade ceaselessly and rise, it is the objective that diligent of each old car manufacturer pursues. Look from the development of active and safe technology of braking system all only, afterwards ABS (prevent adopt dead brake system) outside becoming car mark to match, EPB (the electron is stationed in car apply the brake) , ESC (electronic stability controls a system) large-scale already also in truckload on use; Especially ESC, office of American confederative security will announce this year for North America new car distributes unit surely.

Current, the manufacturer of two big component that can match electronic stability to control a system for global new car is rich world, 2 it is TRW, former nevertheless call this system ESP, latter presses what safe office view weighs American federal to be ESC. So, mount does the car of ESC system have why magical safe effect?

On January 10, the reporter comes to field of test-drive of winter of North America of TRW automobile group on invitation, 4 models of the ESC system that drove installation to TRW is produced try on the road surface of ice and snow of all sorts of smooth talks and ramp, appreciated this system to undertake automatically exceeding safe protection correctionally to automobile body instability personally.

Electronic stability is controlled (ElectronicStabilityControl, abbreviation ESC) , it is a kind of active and safe technology that assists the person that drive to control traffic, it can undertake automatically to the instability of automobile body correctional, conduce to those who prevent an accident happening. ESC application passes feeling technology advancedly to judge the intent of direction of travel of the person that drive, when car begins deviate road, the system starts interpose measure, implement power of apply the brake to one or more wheel, reduce the intervention of engine valve, answer car guiding right course.

Basis 2004 autumn the research report that the safety of American country freeway that promulgate runs institute of arrange and freeway safety insurance shows, ESC device can save the life of 7000 people every year in the United States, avoid the sheet of 56% the car capsizes accident. Consider to make clear, serious to preventing accident or bring down accident degree has ESC technology to assist effect apparently. because of such, ESC is all the Ao Di of edition, day produced the Infiniti, Meisaidesi, nimble when protecting, Kelaisile 2006 edition is all 2006 the mark of SUV model matchs; Leopard of Cadillac, nimble, Lu Hu, Leikesasi, Feng Tian, masses, Woerwo regards his as ESC the equipment of all models chooses unit; ESC will become all mark of this cropland model after 2006 to match, general motors already announced to begin to match ESC as mark from 2010.

Regard the main research and development of ESC technology and production as the enterprise, the ESC system of TRW is on the foundation of ABS system, realized traction control and deflexion moment of force to stabilize functional unifinication. This system can monitoring the information of two respects, be car annulus fast, acceleration of inertia, yaw; 2 it is to pass what the person that drive inputs to change direction, engine valve intervenes and advocate crock pressure, carry out force of apply the brake to help the risk that reduces out of control of the person that drive to one or more tire selectively next. TRW configured ESC with the model to be multiplied 40 kinds the whole world is popular 2006, its are newest generation ESC product -- , EBC450 (the car is used) and 455 (light-duty lorry and SUV are used) apply to a variety of motor vehicle types. The chief engineer Thoms of system of brake of electron of TRW automobile group says to the reporter, the ESC system of TRW level type by inertia (deflexion moment of force) sensor, corner sensor, annulus fast sensor and control of electronic hydraulic pressure are unit (E Juan HCU) composition, control unit installation to be on the side of engine, accept information through all sorts of sensor, undertake automatically handling to information, produce effect of apply the brake to the wheel through sensor, undertake through steering wheel car travel direction, strength is controlled.
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