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The passive safety of automobile safety piece

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  Side door is prevented hit pole

Well-known, when the car is bumped by flank, pound and door is out of shape very easily, harm the member that multiply inside the car directly thereby. To improve the safety performance of the car, many Motor Corporation are in the car places 9 very solid girder among interlining of two side door, the side door that this often says namely is prevented hit pole. Prevent those who hit pole striking action is: Be bumped when side door right, prevent the deformation that bumps into lever to be able to reduce side door greatly stably, can reduce a car to bump the harm of pair of member that multiply inside the car thereby.

   Safe automobile body

To reduce the casualties of the member that when the car hits, multiply, share of consolidate passenger cabin is emphasized when designing automobile body, weaken car head and rear. When the car hits, the head or rear are out of shape by squash and draw collision energy at the same time, and cabin does not arise the member that so that assure to multiply,be out of shape is safe.

   Safe glass

Safe glass has two kinds of toughened glass and sandwich glass. Toughened glass is the glass with the cool quickly and generates prestressing force higher strength that makes below blazing condition is in in glass, what acute edge breaks up when toughened glass is broken is small, injure a person not easily. Sandwich glass shares 3, intermediate layer tenacity has agglutinate effect by force, the lining when be being bumped to destroy and outer still conglutinate inter on the layer, injure a person not easily. The sandwich glass that the car uses, intermediate layer is added one times thicker, have better security and be used extensively.

   Tighten type safety belt beforehand

The characteristic that tightens type safety belt beforehand is what produce collision accident when the car is flashy, when the member that multiply has not move ahead, it turns around first taut knit belt, the member that will multiply instantly is bound closely go up in seat, lock up next stop knit take pitch of body of the member that prevent to multiply, protect the security of the member that multiply effectively. The furl that main effect has in tightening type safety belt beforehand implement differ with common safety belt, besides common furl implement close put knit outside taking a function, still have when speed happening changes quickly, the sanction that strengthens pair of member that multiply can be controlled in 0.1s, accordingly it still has control equipment and beforehand taut device.

Control equipment cent has two kinds: One kind is electronic type control equipment, another kind is mechanical control equipment. Beforehand taut device has a variety of forms, common beforehand taut device is one kind deflagrates of type, produce agent, tracheal, piston, rope and drive wheel composition by aeriform initator, gas. When the car is collided beforehand after taut device is aroused, the bottom aeriform initator inside sealed conduit instantly spontaneous combustion, detonate the gas inside same and sealed conduit to produce an agent, aeriform happening medicine comes into being a large number of gas to expand instantly, force a piston to move up pull use a rope, the rope drives drive wheel to rotate date drive wheel makes furl implement reel is rotational, knit belt be coiled to be on reel, make knit belt be answered to pull. Finally, furl implement can urgent lock stops knit belt, secure body of the member that multiply, prevent body pitch to avoid to collide with steering wheel, dashboard and glazing photograph.
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