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The passive safety of automobile safety piece

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   Safe gasbag (SRS)

Safe gasbag is the conspicuous hi-tech device on contemporary car. Installed the car steering wheel of safe gasbag device, do not have what distinction with common steering wheel usually, but once car front produced intense collision, safe gasbag is met the instant from steering wheel inside " skip " come out, fill up in steering wheel and between the person that drive, the head of the person that prevent to drive and bosom strike the good thing such as steering wheel or dashboard. Since safe gasbag comes out, had saved the life of a lot of people. Consider to make clear, the car that has gasbag unit produces the front to hit a car, the mortality of the person that drive, old car was reduced 30% , medium-sized car is reduced 11% , small-sized car is reduced 14% .

Safe gasbag is main by generator of sensor, microprocessor, gas the component such as amiable bursa is comprised. Sensor and judgement of microprocessor in order to hit car level, deliver reach send signal; Aeriform generator produces ignition action according to signal directive, ignite solid state fuel and produce gas to aerate to gasbag, make gasbag expands quickly, gasbag capacity is in about (50-90)L. At the same time gasbag sets relief valve, should aerate part of can automatic release is angry when excessive or force of bursa internal pressure are worth certainly more than body, avoid to get hurt passenger extruding. The gas that safe gasbag place uses is nitrogen or carbon monoxide more. Have safe gasbag besides driver side outside, the safe gasbag that some cars in front of also installed a passenger to use (namely) of norms of double safe gasbag, what the passenger uses is as similar as what the person that drive uses, the bulk that is gasbag only wants a little bit big, requires gas is some more also just. Additional, some cars still relied on door a side to install flank safety gasbag in seat flank.

   Intelligent safety gasbag

Intelligent safety gasbag increases sensor on medium-sized foundation namely, it is children or adult in order to explore a multiply member on seat, what kind of height are the safety belt that had they fastened and located position? Through collecting these data, be analysed by computer software and handle those who control safe gasbag to expand, make its produce optimal effect, avoid safe gasbag to appear without expand necessarily, improve its safety function greatly thereby. Intelligent safety gasbag is compared common model much mainer two core component, namely sensor reachs his to it the computer software of form a complete set.

The sensor that uses at present basically has: Weight sensor, the weight that goes up according to seat is felt whether somebody, it is adult or child; Electronic area sensor. The electronic section of a feebleminded quantity can produce in cab, the presence that measures the member that the galvanometry that carries this district is multiplied and position; Infrared sensor, explore the person's existence according to quantity of heat, in order to distinguish the thing of Yu Mosheng life; Optical sensor. If same table camera is looking attentively at seat, undertake comparative with the image of the empty seat of memory, in order to sentence the existence of people system and position; Ultrasonic sensor, through launching ultrasonic, the reflexes the member that wave ascertain is multiplied existence after analysing the object that encounter next and position.
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