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The passive safety of automobile safety piece

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Designing another when develop intelligent safety gasbag main job is software of work out computer. Popularly says, computer software wants can it is the figure of the member that the basis is multiplied, weight, good to whether be fastened safety belt, person is located on seat the speed when the position, car hits and bump degree to wait, be in make response instantly, adjust safe gasbag expand opportunity, speed and degree, make safe gasbag is offerred to the passenger the most reasonable with the most effective protection, decrease especially short to the body such as children person harm.

   Protection system of neck of the member that multiply (WHIPS)

WHIPS sets seat of park in front of commonly. When the car is bumped hindly, neck protection system can aerate quickly expand rise, its are whole back of a chair can follow the person that take one case tilting back ward, the whole back of the person that take and back of a chair install quietly press close to to be together, back of a chair is met the force that tilting back ward reduces the head to be swung ahead with utmost ground, the back of the chair of seat and headrest are met backward the level is mobile, make the upside of the body and head get be proppinged up gently, balancedly with protection, in order to reduce vertebral and wallop of cervical place susceptive, prevent the head to swing brings harm backward.

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