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Unlined upper garment of cloth of iron of golden bell cover, the safe system of

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Xi Wu's person loves to use unlined upper garment of cloth of golden bell cover, iron to describe Achillean. If the car also has such ability, is the person that takes a car then not OK have nothing worry about? Now, all these already was a dream no longer. Unlined upper garment of cloth of the golden bell cover that the A6 of this Ao Di before me is an one hundred percent, iron. It is perfect advocate enough of passive and safe facilities provides all-around protection for the passenger.

It is the body does not have a deficit energetically above all, the quality of reorganize and outfit of Ao Di A6 exceeds 1500 kilograms, the total mass after be fully loaded with is close to 2 tons more, had character of such a pair of good body, can take very big petty gain of course in general collision accident.

Last summer, I am opening Ao Di A6 to once was honoured very much the ground was kissed by a Xiali. Get off examine a loss, xiali is hurt not gently really. Engine cover already arch rise, bumper, headlight is mixed before cistern is not to have one escape by sheer luck more. See my car again, not only hind bumper was not out of shape, back a car radar and taillight are a hair more not caustic. Those who see the other side is disastrous, I also ate the heart of compassion, be done not have and his dispute, the heart thinks, go back to fill to bumper lacquer is OK. Arrived to repair a factory to just discover, I of this Ao Di hind bumper does not have attaint at all, the paint that touchs above is that Xiali completely. By this thing, I had farther knowledge again to Ao Di's security, increased a few minutes of confidence to his Che Yeping at the same time.

The Ao Di A6 of luxurious administration edition contains 6 gasbag, respectively face and side faced the multiply member inside the car to undertake protective once upon a time. Not only such, it still contains beforehand taut safety belt, when when computer perception is about to happen to collision accident, safety belt is met beforehand taut, so that undertake more effective protection to the member.

Because was used,optimize design and laser beam welding to receive a technology, the automobile body of A6 describes a bit to also be divided nevertheless with impregnable. And its ESP system is more against a rainy day, can make great effort to avoid the happening of the accident.

Although had advanced design, the security of Ao Di A6 still needs us to be in caress seriously at ordinary times. A lot of people may ask, safe system just acts well when hitting a car, where to talk to go up at ordinary times safeguard? This kind of view is off base really. A lot of components of safe system are to have certain life, expire must change. When the period of efficacy e.g. gasbag it is 14 years, beforehand period of efficacy of core of dynamite of taut safety belt is a few shorter. Perhaps someone can say, my car have more than is needed discarded as useless 14 years, right, but the other and safe component on the car still needs serious examination and safeguard. E.g. , if safety belt appeared damaged, must want to change. Difficult and simple cannot use in this place, if you hit a patch to safety belt, be equal to the life security that taking oneself to joke actually. On the other hand, automobile body is rustily damaged must seasonable rehabilitate, if certain the component generation that gets power is rustily, when producing collision, it cannot protect the passenger's security effectively. All the time we object spread ground glue in the car strongly, pollute car core area already, injure safety likely again gasbag and beforehand the circuitry of taut safety belt. The appearance of A6 has indicator light of a safe gasbag on dial. After it should open the instantaneous self check of ignition switch again only, answer to go out automatically. If be in travel road,this emergency warning lamp shines suddenly, must jockey microscope. Because, once this lamp shines, mean safe gasbag system already invalidation.
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