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Unscramble car safety design

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Car has two kinds of demands in safe respect: The first kind is active safety, increase the stability of car travel already, the requirement is on guard accident Yu Weiran. Another kind is passive safety, the requirement can protect the member that multiply when producing collision. In collision accident, should make of railroad car be out of shape decrease to the smallest, the chance that the member that and should make multiply produces the 2nd times to collide in the shift inside railroad car is the least. So what content do the active and safe system of the car and passive and safe system include again?

   Car is active and safe system

1, the design of braking system all in safe respect:

A, mechanical system:

1) prorata a powerful person: Prevent rear wheel is held in the arms dead at front-wheel drive first and sideslip.

2) replace brake bosomy type with disk brake: Stability of former apply the brake is good.

3) total pump of apply the brake of series connection type: Although be below the premise that pipeline of an apply the brake produces leak, also can a pipeline retains power of one part apply the brake.

B, electron controls a system:

Control accurate control of the system through following electron, can increase the stability of apply the brake of car to unprecedented level.

2, the distance detects automatic cruise control:

Detect through be apart from sensor with before the distance of the car, by computer computation gives the safe space of different speed, control dynamical system and job of braking system all thereby, maintain automatically from beginning to end with before the safe distance of the car. Can reduce drive the as a result of the driver neglect in the process or drive inexperience and the risk that create.

3, tyre pressure is not worth caution system:

When tyre pressure is worth under the standard as a result of leak or other reason, of this system advocate accuse to computer can be felt through sensor and offer caution information to the driver.

4, speed induction power gets lost:

Need when low speed according to car bigger turn to force, and need to change force to lesserly this one principle when high speed, computer changes force to size according to speed automata, increase the stability that changes direction when high speed travel.

   System of car passivity security

A, safe automobile body (GOA automobile body)

B, safety belt and safety belt tighten up device beforehand

C, safe gasbag

D, car is special and safe modulation glass

E, turn to column energy to absorb unit

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