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Safe guard basic skill can be mixed principle

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Add as car amount try to reach traffic to carry increasingly numerous, car accident grow in quantity, the personal casualty that causes and belongings loss are severe, already became a social issue that nots allow to ignore. The safe guard that be aimed at this one problem and installs is the main component of contemporary car structure.

When producing car collision accident, safe guard reduces personal casualty degree and car attaint rate effectively.

When two car happening collide, of the car before, hind bumper or automobile body lateral are protected wait for component part to be contacted each other above all, it is with connective of these component part photograph automobile body structural frame arises subsequently cave in and be out of shape, endanger the member that multiply inside the car.

Suffer before the car when bumping, the member that multiply inside the car leaves seat as a result of inertial action to rush ahead. Right now, dashboard, change direction dish, the beam on window frame of wind window pillar, windscreen, wind often the bosom of meeting and human body, abdomen or head barge against, into hurt to basically send form.

When car and pedestrian collide, the Ban before bumper, car is made or the place such as automobile body front wall makes the pedestrian gets hurt the most easily. The pedestrian suffers after bumping, its head swings to the place such as lower edge of window frame of the engine cover of the car, wind or windscreen probably.

This shows, reach afore-mentioned each construction parts to all have higher safe demand to structural frame of car automobile body.

When producing car collision accident, motion stops quickly, devoid buffer distance and human body and contact of pointed good thing can bring about serious casualties. Accordingly, the basic function of automobile security guard and structural principle but reduce:

1, right the member that multiply brings to bear on the tie makes when avoiding to collide in the car, be bumped with the object inside the car or be swung outside dispatch a vehicle;

2, action of generation soft amortize, i.e. component bumps energy with be out of shape the distance is absorbed appropriately, perhaps say to make rate falls gradually and avoid to appear bigger slowdown is spent and impact force;

3, the osculatory acreage that increases human body and car member, the unit area extruding force that avoids to produce point contact to make collision is caused thereby decreases or make impact force transfers human body to must kill place.

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