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Defend outside the car

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  (One) preventive measure of construction of automobile body housing

According to the requirement of collision security, the correct structure of automobile body housing should be, make so that be reduced as far as possible when collision,passenger cabin has bigger stiffness be out of shape, the stiffness of the part that makes the other such as the head of automobile body, rear leaves the member that multiply further at the same time is relatively lesser, be out of shape and be able to attract generation is more greatly when collision bump energy, apparent, if automobile body multiplies cabin to be designed according to the load when car travel, its stiffness appears insufficient, still need to undertake local strengthen. Passenger cabin is easier the component that of consolidate is the bounty such as the ground Ban, Ban inside front wall, back wall Ban.

The periphery of hole of the door, window is weak point, but the section dimension of wind window pillar and central post shoulds not be too big again, can affix in its interior only so thicker strengthen Ban. When the car hits, to avoid the structural frame of whole passenger cabin generation cuts wind shear form or cave in, the most important is the corner part of periphery of consolidate door, window, what strengthen Ban or increase turning point can be affix to transfer on its round horn.

Want to make passenger cabin obtains necessary stiffness, cannot lean only local fill strong method, and should survey of structure of whole automobile body. Well-known, lever or bridge is out of shape when bend bigger and in drawing or when compressing, be out of shape lesser.

Accordingly, component of automobile body cabin should reasonable decorate, make as far as possible little bear curve load. Suffer in car head or rear when bumping, can transfer power the fore-and-aft component part to cabin through declining component, make bear compress or drawing.

To make the stiffness of automobile body head and rear lesser, can go up in bulky component or solid component starting a hole or open groove to weaken its stiffness, when perhaps making component part collides in the car, bear curve load. The vertical, beam of engine of installation of automobile body forehead and front suspension is bulkier, because the forehead carling of this certain and contemporary car is not flat, bend of purpose however so that fold is out of shape and blow energy is drawn when collision,fold Z glyph.

To so that bear,make passenger cabin aspect stronger bigger bump force, the doorsill of automobile body normally bulkier, control two doorsills join to rise to get power jointly with crossbeam general. Of this Ban outside explicit door inside the surface often still is stuck shape of rows of tiles on a roof strengthens Ban.

   (2) bumper and protect

The foremost end of the car and final end contain bumper, a lot of new-style cars (for example the car such as Sangdana, Ao Di) even if a string of 1000 cash,or so two side still contain of around protect. Bumper and protect installation should accord with a regulation highly, so that be when car barge against the bumper of two cars or protect can contact above all.
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