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The friendly car safety belt of life

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Do you know? Since go up century 60 time since type car safety belt came out at 3 o'clock, the safety belt that production gives has been exceeded all over the world in installation by installation inside 1 billion car; If connect these safety belt together, total length already achieved 10 million kilometer. Can circle earthly equator 250 rounds, or it is moon going there and back 13 take second place are much. The most important is, 40 come for years, countless life are rescued because of this. The fact proves: When producing traffic accident, what have effect of the most important safeguard to people safety is our commonnest safe unit -- safety belt.

The history of safety belt

1885, safety belt appears and use go up in carriage, the purpose is to prevent a passenger to fall from inside carriage.

1902, when an American engineer is entering automobile race, went up in the hammer on the car seat that he drives a belt is covered go up in the body in case accident. After this, one is called Niersi. Swedish hair of Boling understands continue to use up to now at 3 o'clock type safety belt.

20 centuries 40 time, general motors company takes the lead in fastening safety belt of gram car admiral to regard a standard as configuration.

1968, the United States will be installed and use safety belt to be mandatory federal statute certainly, what began safety belt from this is large-scale gain ground.

1986, general motors announces the first times to configure safety belt for seat of car back row in the United States.

When car happening collides or encountering accident and urgent apply the brake, will produce massive inertial active force, make the object such as back of a chair of the steering wheel inside driver, passenger and car, windshield, seat produces collision 2 times, build the serious harm of the member that multiply in couples extremely easily, the member that will multiply even is cast outside leave a place or casting dispatch a vehicle. Present safety belt all is made by intensity huge synthetic fibre, contain the furl that locks up a function oneself implement, use to driving, realize a tie at the same time by the humeral ministry of personnel and waist type was designed at 3 o'clock. Such safety belt can will drive manacle by personnel go up in the seat, prevented 2 times to collide, and its amortize action can draw a large number of kinetic energy, reduce drive the harm rate that takes staff. According to concerning orgnaization statistic, in all may fatal traffic accident, if use safety belt correctly, can save the life of about 45% ; If use safe gasbag at the same time, this one scale will rise to 060% .

The note of use safety belt

Often check the technical status of seat safety belt, if send,existing attaint should change in time. Want to adorn correctly. Type waist safety belt should be fastened at 3 o'clock as far as possible some lower, fasten in coxa ministry, do not fasten in the waist: Humeral ministry safety belt is not put below arm, should inclined before hanging a bosom. A pair of safety belt can a person is used, forbidden two-men is common. Do not want to use safety belt twist. Do not let safety belt be pressed in hard or on brittle object, for instance, the glasses in the dress, pen and key; Also do not let safety belt and sharp the crucial point grind, lest injure safety belt; Do not let seat back of a chair too tilt, otherwise safety belt will cannot correct ground is stretchy and close roll; On seat when nobody, should send unreel to close safety belt implement in, collect the park that buckle a tongue the place, lest the tongue is buckled when urgent apply the brake,strike other object. Do not use adult safety belt to children, and the seat of children automobile safety that should use special installation.
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