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Car side gasbag is indispensable can reduce traffic accident mortality considera

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"Side gasbag " this entirely reads aloud, to domestic car friend, be familiar with already unfamiliar. Familiar, because it is a crucial safety of the car,be; Unfamiliar, because hinder to be opposite at cost issue and consumer,be of this equipment however approve rate, this equipment applies not extensively still on the car product that country makes work now at present. After all does side gasbag have to the safety performance of a car how old influence? At this point, IIhS of association of security of American freeway insurance had relevant investigation, published specific data a few days ago. Investigation makes clear: Side gasbag can reduce traffic accident mortality considerably!

According to society of freeway safety assurance (insurance of this one United States is not IIHS) seek profits the data that organization place publishs shows, no matter driver sex age reachs automobile body size how, want this car to deploy side gasbag only, its accident mortality all decreases somewhat.

Show according to investigation, deploy the head to protect the car of side gasbag, the driver mortality when driver a side produces flank to hit an accident is less than providing the vehicle of side gasbag 37% , and the vehicle that provides pectoral abdomen to protect side gasbag, the driver mortality below same situation decreases 26% .

The car protects side gasbag through providing the head, in produce the mortality when colliding to will be reduced somewhat. And when producing flank to collide with taller car, it is car centre of gravity normally lower car risk is spent taller, because this can say, deploy the head to protected side gasbag to rise to improve the result of security. Additional, the driver mortality of SUV is reduced when deploying the head to protect gasbag 52% , and when deploying pectoral abdomen to protect gasbag, decrease 30% .

Be in abroad, car of a few such as or SUV in this kind model, the gasbag of side of protection of model gangmaster ministry of 5 matchs as mark or about 4 / are chosen deserve to equip. But the skin blocks model criterion almost oversight the configuration of this safe equipment. And IIHS still says further, traffic accident brought about the United States last year dead number reachs 43200 people, for since 1990 new tall. If all car on American market all are on front seat banquet,all deploy the side gasbag that includes the head to protect gasbag inside, the number of annual because of traffic accident death will decrease considerably. And the standard that local car manufacturer also agrees with to regard a car as side gasbag before 2009 is deployed.

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