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ABS is prevented hold dead brake system in the arms to ensure your drive a vehic

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To ensure safety of drive a vehicle, a lot of cars advocate installed prevent adopt dead brake system, namely ABS, it is the device of car apply the brake with at present best effect of the most advanced, apply the brake, have the function of apply the brake of common brake system not only, still can prevent a wheel to be held in the arms dead, make the car still can change direction below condition of apply the brake, ensure the stability of direction of car apply the brake, avoid occurrence sideslip or sideslip appearance.

Compare with photograph of common brake system, ABS has superior performance, it uses the gasbag of a balata inside body of a powerful person, when stepping on brake, give brake oil pressure power, in the system of a powerful person that floods ABS, gasbag can use the air secondary floor among to return pressure, make the wheel has avoided lock dead center, when the wheel is about to arrive at the next to lock up dead center, force of brake oil pressure makes gasbag repeats intention, accordingly, ABS can make the wheel is not locked up dead, thereby, avoided the occurrence of sideslip or sideslip phenomenon, ensured your drive a vehicle is safe.

ABS is general control unit by a powerful person of wheel speed sensor, engine speed sensor, electromagnetism, computer and hydraulic pressure (hydraulic pressure adjuster) composition, its characteristic basically has the following 4:

   1, performance is good, use convenient: ABS performance is good, and proper motion diagnoses ability, broad Che Youke is used with be at ease, additional, of the use of ABS and common brake system use almost identical, stamp the foot when apply the brake normal apply the brake has on board of apply the brake can, if encounter the muddy road surface that causes because of rain, snow, the driver need not have apply the brake with means of a chain of particle stop a machine by cutting off the power, ABS can maintain apply the brake by oneself in optimal dot;

   2, increase stability of apply the brake: The car is when apply the brake, the force of apply the brake of 4 wheels is different, if the front-wheel drive of the car is held in the arms dead first, the driver is uncontrollable the travel direction of the car, appear easily the danger that hits a car, if the rear wheel of the car is held in the arms dead first, can appear sideslip, throw tail, even car " turn around " serious consequence, and after installing ABS, when can avoiding 4 wheels apply the brake, be held in the arms dead, raised a car thereby the stability in process of apply the brake;

   3, shorten distance of apply the brake: Compare with photograph of common brake system, below condition of urgent apply the brake, ABS can make the wheel is in roll already pull the condition that change again, this increased the attrition power of tire and ground greatly, shortened distance of apply the brake, namely dot of so called optimal apply the brake or area, and common brake system is to cannot accomplish this;
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