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The active safety of automobile safety piece

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  Disk brake

Disk brake calls dish type brake again, just as its name implies is take its form and get a name. It is controlled by hydraulic pressure, main component has apply the brake dish, clamp of cent pump, apply the brake, vitta. Apply the brake dish be made with alloy steel and secure go up in the wheel, follow a wheel to turn. Cent pump is fixed fixed on the motherboard of brake do not move, make ' two attrition that move clamp to go up piece install respectively in apply the brake dish two side, the piston that divides pump suffers vitta to carry the hydraulic pressure action that come, prompt clash piece press to apply the brake dish produce attrition apply the brake, the movement rises to be like the dish in rotating with forceps vice, like forcing it to stop.

Disk brake comes loose heat up fast, weight tectonic and light, simple, adjust convenient. Especially when high load high temperature resistant performance is good, effect of apply the brake is stable, and do not be afraid of turbid invade, in winter and abominable road besides down train, disk type apply the brake is easier than rousing type apply the brake inside shorter time your car stops. The apply the brake of some disk brake dish went up to still open a lot of alveolus, in order to quicken ventilated come loose to heat up and improve efficiency of apply the brake.

   Prevent adopt dead brake system (ABS)

ABS is Anti-lockBrakingSystem abbreviate. The earliest ABS system on the world is an application on preexistence plane, the standard that makes limousine car again later is deployed, most now car contains ABS. Well-known, when brake cannot one foot walks dead, and turn off a machine of step of part of one's job, step on one pine, till the car stops, but encounter urgent in an instant, constant need car is urgent stop, think one foot stops the car after all very much, because the wheel is incidental,hold in the arms dead at this moment not rotational, make the car produces dangerous operating mode thereby, for instance front-wheel drive is held in the arms dead cause a car to lose turn ability, rear wheel holds the incidental accident that throw tail in the arms dead to wait a moment. Installing ABS embrace this issue dead to solve the wheel when brake, of the car of ABS, wheel of can effective control maintains in rotational condition won't hold in the arms absolutely refuse to to turn, the function of car apply the brake below the stability of the car when enhancing stop a machine by cutting off the power greatly thereby and condition of poorer road surface. ABS is wait to detect ceaselessly through installing the rotate speed sensor on each wheel or transmission shaft the rotate speed of each wheel, by the computer computation gives the wheel slip rate at that time (will understand car wheel to whether already held dead) in the arms by slip rate, compare with good slip rate look, make the decision that increase or reduces pressure of brake apply the brake, command actuator adjusts pressure of apply the brake in time, in order to hold the position of apply the brake that the wheel is in ideal. Accordingly, ABS device can make the wheel is maintained from beginning to end apply the brake falls in the scroll state that has faint slippage, and won't hold in the arms dead, achieve the goal that improves efficiency of apply the brake.
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