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The active safety of automobile safety piece

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   The electron makes dynamical dispatching system (EBD)

EBD can differ according to what transfer as a result of axle load of the generation when car apply the brake, and self-adjusting before, the force of apply the brake of rear axle allocates proportion, improve efficiency of apply the brake, cooperate ABS to increase stability of apply the brake. The car is when apply the brake, the ground condition that 4 tire adhere to often different. For instance, sometimes left front wheel and right rear wheel are adherent go up in dry cement floor, and off-front wheel and left rear wheel adhere to however be in water or turbid in, this kind of circumstance can cause the attrition strength in 4 wheel when car apply the brake and ground different, when apply the brake cause easily skid, tilt to turn over an accident with car side. EBD is in with high speed computer the instant of car apply the brake, the different ground that adheres to to 4 tire respectively has induction, consideration, reach different attrition force is numeric, the circumstance that makes the basis of device of apply the brake of 4 tire different uses different kind and force apply the brake, ceaseless in motion high speed is adjusted, assure the smooth, safety of car thereby.

   Traction controls a system (TCS)

TCS says tracking controls a system again. The car is when apply the brake of slick road surface, the wheel can skid, make even directional out of control. Same, the car is in start or urgent when quickening, drive wheel skids likely also, still can make on the slick road surface such as ice and snow directional out of control and give risk. T< Fan ÷ is aimed at this problem namely and design. Sensor of TCS support electron explores driven pulley rate under drive wheel when (this is; Skidded diagnostic) , can issue a signal, time of tone node fire, reduce spiracle to leave degree, reduce accelerator, fall to block or make motor-car annulus, make the wheel skids no longer thereby. TCS can improve car stability under transport condition, raise acceleration, increase climbing capacity. Be being collected formerly is TCS of installation of the ability on luxurious car only, also have on a lot of average cars now. If TCS cooperates to use each other with ABS, the safety performance that enhances a car further. TCS and ABS but common on axle annulus fast sensor, join with computer of drive a vehicle, constant surveillance each rounds of rotate speed, should skid in low speed discovery when, TCS can inform ABS the movement comes immediately bring down of this wheel skid. When if be in,high speed discovery skids, TCS issues a statement to computer of drive a vehicle instantly, direct engine falls fast or transmission falls block, make skid the wheel skids no longer, prevent to lose control of one's vehicle to throw tail.

   The electron stabilizes device (ESP)

The electron stabilizes device (ElectronicStablityProgram, abbreviation ESP) is applied on its class A car above all by Benz company. ESP is system of control of a kind of traction actually, control a system to compare with other traction, ESP not only control drive wheel, and controallable driven pulley. Often appear like car of rear wheel drive turn to overmuch circumstance, right now rear wheel out of control and throw tail, ESP is met front-wheel drive of slow outboard of Buddhist templeput on the brakes will stabilize a car; In had changed direction little when, for corrective tracking direction, ESP is met Buddhist templeput on the brakes is slow inside rear wheel, thereby corrective travel direction.
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