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The active safety of automobile safety piece

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   Intelligent air conditioning

System of intelligent air conditioning can according to outside climate condition, according to beforehand the index of set is clean to installing the temperature inside the car, humidity, air the signal that spends sensor place to be transmitted makes open refrigeration automatically analysis, judgement, in time, heat, go wet reach air to purify wait for a function. In advanced safe car, system of its air conditioning is returned with other system (like driver catnap warming system) be united in wedlock, when discovery driver spirit is not centered, when having catnap sign, air conditioning can send out automatically person of be sent on a diplomatic mission's sober aroma.

   Intelligent key

Run quickly car of CLK double door already used intelligent key, key of this kind of intelligence can transmit an infrared signal, can open already or two door, boot and fuel add the lid that note hole, also can operate the car window of the car and scuttle, more advanced intelligence key resembles a piece of credit card, when the driver touchs doorknob hand, central lock controls a system to begin the work, transmit signal of a kind of wireless inquiry, after intelligent key card makes proper response, car lock makes be opened automatically. When the processor central only perceptive key card is inside the car when, engine just can be started.

   Prevent blindfold rearview mirror

Prevent blindfold rearview mirror to be installed commonly inside railroad car, it by one side special mirror and controller of two photosensitive diode and electron are comprised, before electronic controller receives what photosensitive diode delivers, shoot smooth signal is shot after light is mixed. If illuminate lamplight illuminate is in inside the car on rearview mirror, be like from the back lamplight is more than in front lamplight, electronic controller will output a voltage to arrive on electric layer. This voltage on electric layer changes lens face report to change a color, voltage is taller, report changes a color deeper, right now although again strong illuminate illumination arrives on rearview mirror, go up to show dark light via preventing the rearview mirror inside blindfold car to reflex driver eye, won't dazzling. Lens face report changes a layer to make reflex I11 basis the incident intensity of rear light, change automatically continuously in order to prevent blindfold. When car backs a car, prevent the rearview mirror inside blindfold car to prevent bewildered function to be removed, right outside rearview mirror is automatic illuminate ground.

   Exalted stop lamp

General stop lamp (brake lamp) it is to install in car end both sides, should drive when the person walks footplate of next apply the brake, stop lamp shines namely, give out red light, remind the car attention from the back, do not trace remaining part. Should drive the stop lamp when footplate of loose apply the brake extinguishs the person namely. Exalted stop lamp also calls the 3rd stop lamp, it is installed commonly in car end upside, so that rear car as soon as possible discovers ahead car and can carry out apply the brake, prevent to produce a car to chase after end accident. Because the car already had,control two stop lamp, because of this people customarily also install the exalted stop lamp in car end upside to call the 3rd stop lamp.
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