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Device of car guard against theft

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After leaving a car to prevent a driver, the car is stolen, a lot of cars set plant of guard against theft. Device of commonly used guard against theft has turn to lock and device of electronic guard against theft.

   One, turn to a lock

Turn to a lock to basically stop by lock lever, camshaft, lock implement link stopper, lever opening a lock and the composition such as pushbutton opening a lock.

Pull out from key canister when the driver after the key, turn to column to be chained by lock lever. Such, although theft person need not ignite switch key and started engine, but the car still cannot drive quite.

   2, device of electronic guard against theft

Device of mechanical guard against theft is precautionary car by the device of pilfer, but this kind of device cannot prevent other to enter cab, car inside, open boot, engine cover or starting engine. And device of electronic guard against theft can prevent a car reliably not only by pilfer, and can prevent other to disassemble certain car spare parts and enter a car secretly inside.

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