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The distinction of electronic type ABS and mechanical ABS

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ABS is to prevent the English abbreviate that adopts dead brake system, when car apply the brake it can prevent the wheel is held in the arms dead and make car loses way, make the direction of car can accuse thereby, present new car installed this equipment entirely almost. At present ABS cent is electronic type and mechanical, performance side has a few differences.

1. Electronic type ABS is designed according to different model, its installation needs professional technical power, if transhipment of through cargo comes,another car must change its circuit design and storage battery size, without versatility; The versatility of mechanical ABS is strong, want the car that is device of hydraulic pressure apply the brake to be able to be used only, can go up to another car from transhipment of through cargo of a car, and installation wants 30 minutes only.

2. The volume of electronic type ABS is large, and finished product car does not have enough space to install electronic type ABS certainly, under photograph comparing, the volume of the ABS of mechanical is minor, take up the space is little.

3. Electronic type ABS is to be in what the wheel locks up dead to begin action instantly, 6~12 of per sec. action second; Mechanical ABS begins the work when stepping on apply the brake, according to different speed, per sec. but action 60~120 second.

The applicable character of mechanical ABS needs beforehand set, it is on road surface of seeper road surface, ice and snow, sanded stone road surface, bitumen road surface, the coefficient of friction of tire is different, speed is different, the power of apply the brake of need is not same also. Pass on a system without instant measurement, rely on only beforehand the threshold values of set, suitable scope is narrower, effect of apply the brake also can be reduced somewhat.

Prevent in ABS of mechanical of choose and buy special caution answers when adopting dead system. Imitated ABS product is on the exterior with taste really very much the same, the structure is same also, but inferior product bears for a long time hard however brake is corroded oilily with high pressure, time grows balata to return meeting ageing to be out of shape, lose due property. The bursa of balata a powerful person that tastes really immerses to be able to bear in oil of apply the brake every square inch the high pressure of 11000 pounds and won't happen for a long time be out of shape. The price that imports mechanical ABS is controlled in 2000 yuan, homebred as long as 200 multivariate.

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