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Strict enforcement of orders and prohibitions, ABS system introduces

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Have make go, taboo stops. This is the requirement of a lot of superior to subordinate not only, also be a car advocate the main demand to the car. Spoken parts in an opera, ask the car is in namely this tantivy when should quicken with all one's strength, must stop abruptly when need jockeys. These requirements say simple, but true implementation rises difficulty is not little however. As in recent years arisen new technology, ABS helped a car really advocate very big busy. ABS is the English abbreviate of Anti Lock Brake System, means is prevented adopt dead brake system. Why should prevent be held in the arms dead? Once hold in the arms,die because of the wheel, make motivation won't increase not only, still can cause a lot of terrible consequence such as to lose control of one's vehicle.

When just taking over this A6 2.8, in the heart unavoidable have a doubt: Distributed even 50 thousand multivariate car to go up now ABS, the place with mystical what does the ABS on this many yuan 50 luxurious car have after all? Did not think of to just left 2 days, this function is sent went up use. Was in that day north near the Suzhou bridge of 3 annulus, because the car on the road is not much, imperceptible in the rate that drove 100 much kilometers, firm abduct crosses a turn to discover the car in front had blocked up, I hurry one foot brake walks after all, as the vibration of footplate, speed fell immediately, but that car in front leaves me already very close, if be not broken,go out, get dash against for certain, looked secretly, the driveway on the side of as it happens does not have a car, I made a way decisively right, stepping on brake while, car firm quietly right and a line, sheered the ground of this dispute. Afterthought rises, feel a moment ago thing is not had again without Jing already danger, contrast drives ten yuan when pass car before, almost whole vehicle is trembling when ABS is effective, this kind of case is fearsome really jump, who still has idea to be considered at that time go up to step on brake to hit direction to avoid at the same time at the same time?

The core of ABS is sensor of rotate speed of computer, wheel and hydraulic pressure unit. When computer monitors a certain wheel to be held in the arms dead, with respect to the pressure of apply the brake that can reduce return of corresponding apply the brake automatically, wheel immediately restores roll, if apply the brake is done not have,remove at this moment, computer can promote apply the brake automatically force again, relapse so, fall to be controlled to 15km/h till speed, ABS was interfered no longer. This process says simple, have a lot of complex technology problems actually, for instance ABS system how with truckload match, how is systematic pressure controlled etc. ABS has 3 passageways and the branch of 4 passageways, what use on very much inexpensive car is 3 passageways, it comes to two rear wheel to handle as a whole, although its price is cheap, but what the effect is inferior to 4 passageways for certain is good. Additional, the spring back strength of the frequency of hydraulic pump movement and brake pedal also has quite exquisite, 15 ABS compares every second action of course those every second movements 3 ~ 4 effect is good, but the price also wants expensive a lot of. And the spring back strength of footplate is Yue Xiaoyue of course good, the person that because acuteness footplate spring back is met,fright drives. Nevertheless a bit need explains, when stepping on brake, must not detect footplate spring back loosens apply the brake, can have an accident instead in that way, of footplate shaking is the peculiar phenomenon when ABS works, not necessary spoffish.
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