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Additional kind of strange animal! Abroad try drive the nimble when protecting b

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Additional kind of strange animal! Abroad try drive the nimble when protecting banquet of 08 new card

Anthony of · of Si Sheng of heart gram Sa abstruse — is in Texas, open canopy van is like card of open sail skin and large SUV, it is everywhere. Appear on the driveway every other two cars are a cart. Over agency, van became 3 along the platoon side the street. Dekesasi is the city of van. You may think the person is opposite Dekesasi the preference of van and SUV is to choose to let Shengandongniao release the 2nd generation to protect Shi Jie to block a banquet for North America media (Cayenne) the prime cause of backside, but the preference that local tastes to domestic plant family property collides suppose with this however.

"08 nimble when protecting block the exterior of the banquet "

Actually, texas by make choice of because here is the Youwaerdi of mainland tire,be desired result field (Uvalde Proving Grounds) seat, the car that this is a breathtaking 5000 acre measures examination hall, 10 the highway runway that by the high speed of a 13.7 kilometers the highway runway of elliptic course, 1.72 kilometers and 1.5 kilometers wet path handle, cross-country courses are mixed with all sorts of other drawing hold accuse establishment composition.

"08 nimble when protecting block the exterior of the banquet "

But, the person mixes Dekesasi is American actually emphasized blocking a banquet to be opposite to the preference of van and SUV for the nimble when protecting how important, the SUV of the nimble when even if is protected is only second-class player. Since introducing from 2003, the nimble when protecting had sold more than 150 thousand card the dinner in North America. The when protecting victory that sells in North America basically is comprised by card banquet, had the half above of sales volume of whole world of the nimble when protecting now.

"08 nimble when protecting block the caudal modelling of the banquet "

Its result, the nimble when protecting sees new client is attracted below this brand, existing car advocate people the nimble when increasing to be protected the 2nd times, for concessionary agency infuse new investment, still have even if obtained in order to to support the new financing source of other product.
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