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The taxi driver is classical ana

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1, open Fu Kang those who look down on a Xiali. See Xiali driver is wearing white glove unexpectedly, this ill-affected, "Oh oh, ah, open a broken Xiali to still wearing white sock! "

2, again, the tail gas of a car is very cloudy before the car that takes in us, risking very big a black smoke, the driver came to: "This car is to burn in front break off (P ǐ ) of bavin. "This car is to burn in front break off (P ǐ ) of bavin..

3, direction of the north and south below Xizhimen bridge cannot go continuously, the car needs to circle two rounds on the bridge north, or circle circuit to walk along setose thiste raft of pontoons, xiang Na needs circuitous to exhibition. A master said: "Two sofa should be hanged in the one north austral this Qiaoshangyi, let stylist sit in all the day above, look low the car that queue up, this what that sees him himself design breaks thing. This what that sees him himself design breaks thing..

4, go up in white Yi Lu by black bamboo bridge direction of Xiang Xizhi door east abduct, one is close to semicircular big turn round, waste one chunk place, do I ask a driver this to a what truth the design is? That master says: "This ah? You do not know, this is to waiting for selected Jinisi foolish thing encyclopedia ah. This is to waiting for selected Jinisi foolish thing encyclopedia ah..

5, I already kept another job into over- in the novel, repeat here. Respecting 2008 the Olympic Games, I ask a master worker, began to learn English now. He subdues deep sigh extremely " 嗐 ! " I ask: "You are how learn a way, the class learns on or how? " he says: "Let us buy tape! " insert next on tape says: "I listen to you. " lively music, hear: "Do You Know This Address? " the master did not talk, it is Chinese then: "Do you know this address? " the master says: "I do not know! " tape says again: "Yes, I Know. Yes, I know. " the master says: "Oh! He knows, he knows you ask he goes! " we laugh. Tape says then: "Sorry, I Don ' T Know. I am sorry, I do not know. " master gas does not hit what one point comes to say: "Oh! Don't you know again? ! " say with us: "You say this where learns so that meet, we are so big age, do not know a little while a little while here! Do not know a little while a little while here!!

6, blow fresh gale one day, I am taking little girl to take a taxi come home, transient a crossing when see Men Chaotian of a small area lies be among the driveway, estimation is speed added wind speed to turn over the car to put down, had opened small area in us on the side when, the person inside opens a plan to climb from inside, the driver on our car talked: "Good, still go up open the door, what he thinks he leaves is tank. What he thinks he leaves is tank..

7, I sit in Tianjin face when, average driver likes to scold the dirty random difference of Tianjin city. A driver told a joke to us, but he is to use very serious tone to say. "That Ladanben will want to come to China to make trouble, why can you be to do not have activity? The word says he in the sky went to Shanghai to look, hum, internationalization is very metropolitan, flourishing, staying to let me make money, not scamper! Flew to Beijing to look, ah, so much historic site cultural relic, still have mosque, want to staying, not scamper. One face about went to Tianjin, driver master says, here does not have what historic site, not flourishing also, scamper? Pull red to say: "This is not scamper passed, so tattered. " then face about went.
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