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The taxi driver is classical ana

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8, one day in the evening, I and gentleman are squeezed in small Xiali to return him home from a married woman's parents' home together, my gentleman also is a mad love step on the gas, but he takes others car quieter, he sits in front seat, we all the way silently. But see that master worker one patience behead 6 will, zun Chong is right bump, the elephant is shown all round us alarm bandit piece kind of fluted your work, when waiting for red light, he asks the front seat that did not talk all the time suddenly that: "Feared? " we are stupefied immediately, my gentleman says at once: "Do not have, you leave really to had been held out. Do not look fast, can be really firm. " the master says: "Military vehicle drives before me, I am overcome I in front have a car. I am overcome I in front have a car..

9, the colleague tells me have a thing. That master asks them: "Do you like to sing? " reply: "Still go, sing bad. " the master says: "Ouch I like to sing especially. I like most ah, it is that wintersweet 3 lane, do I sing to you? " colleague and husband look at each other in speechless despair, say politely: "Good ah good ah ~~~ " that master went up than delimiting. Most of coke is a paragraph of monologize among also has not fallen: "Wintersweet one... lane, what what, wintersweet... 2 lane, what what. " have pity on 2 people of our work in the same placing to be being borne desperately laugh, mutual clutch is worn ham listened Quan Shoumei spends 3 lane. Final master says: "My younger brother works in such-and-such song hall, we go to where day at the same place happy ah (He) is happy ah. We go to where day at the same place happy ah (He) is happy ah..

10, another, we attend a wedding, also do not have what to be able to say, after opening an a few kilometers, that master says suddenly: "You two quarrelled? How to also talk? This life, still must have intense emotion, I see you passion of it doesn't matter. I put a song to you stop. " that is we are over in yock pleasant to the ear for the first time of Qi Qin " memorial " .

11, what can rival with this is, when I talk about love in those days, I do public affairs to sitting of yellow face, the master asks: "Is there a boy friend? " my sweet taste answers: "Have. " ask: "To howing do you do? " the ground says my bashful: "Good. " ground of result master right on the face came: "Good? It is false! " I still had encountered such master, otherwise encountered his brother namely, estimation is especially willing wake up dizzy of the girl the sort of. He asks I have a boy friend to do not have, my very honest answer says, he is back-to-back one: "What still do not search is good, male now not be good thing! ! " not be funny absolutely frowsty child, it is to belong to alarm the mood ~~ of world constant character I this makes fall at that time.

12, I move, (Move a person wraps) completely, after taking a taxi, the friend that as it happens has an other place comes short message, drop of mobile phone drop rings, I press will watch a news, write back by a few words next. The car comes on the way, that driver comes suddenly channel me, "Quarrelled? Work do not receive a mobile telephone? How does he displease you? Go back to be treated well treat him, does is it worthwhile move? Was opposite, he how you? ... " of advise be in quickly again again reason, do not have the time of my episode at all. I find both funny and annoying, the mobile phone rings again, the driver cries " you are received however ah ~~~~~~ "
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