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The taxi driver is classical ana

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13, the Valentine's Day that day, I take a taxi go receiving my boy friend to come off work, does region boss machine ask me " go dating with the boy friend? " I say " hum! " does the driver ask again " meet those who get a flower for certain today? " I say " he was used to then. " he says, "Then I send you ~ . " one is taken out to hand in a rose beside him at once I, I feel extremely flattered that ah ~~ result issued a car to see occasionally boy friend, raise a flower occasionally, his complexion brushed ~~~ to blacken.

14, come back from outside with the boss one day, take a car to also send him to come home. Left a car, the driver asks me, you is this boss southern? Do I say " he? Cut. " the driver says: "Is what he says English then? " I say: "Yes. " (this does not scold his boss, feel embarrassed let him himself listen understood. ) the driver says: "You must a month make this employer 3000 money? " I say: "3000? ! More than, more than. " this upgrade guesses the master, guess fixed number to look he himself also did not want to guess, feel already impossible, cordial ground asks me: "You say how the family makes so much money. " I say, 嗐 ! Not easy also. The master says: "It what have is not easy to what have ah, not be be deceived! Give me 5000! Scold casually! You love to say what says, 5000! 5000!!

15, have bout again, the master asks me: "How does yourself leave? " I say: "I am returned won't. " he says: "Hey, won't good, won't must not meet. Killer of road of ave mount a horse is too much this now. At ordinary times you look not to come out, open those who whiz so that whiz, go to a parking lot, hey, show them original what also won't Na Zhengrong appearance. Show them original what also won't Na Zhengrong appearance..

16, say a busman again, one passenger extends a head to be outside car window, the driver talked: "That extends a head with outer head come back, this railroad car still puts no less than your heads! This railroad car still puts no less than your heads!!

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