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Change of week of truly hapless spirit civilian the Mid-autumn Festival meets wi

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Change of week of the Mid-autumn Festival civilian (son son) hit a car again! It is good to just just broke costly Xiang Aiche to be the same as a few days ago buy secondhandAo DiRS6, was bumped into again towards evening yesterday unexpectedly a sunken hole. Not only such, bump into a car last went out " old son is loved " , bump into a car this to let the mesa on the amour float of complicated and confusing, because of traffic accident when, big S on board. Fortunately two people are slight abrade.

As we have learned, the place of traffic accident happening is near big Home S. Before traffic accident happening, son son reachs big Home S first, mom following Xu said " the Mid-autumn Festival is happy " later, two people make an appointment go on a journey. But absolutely did not think of, it is night of a perfect conjugal bliss originally, be born forcedly be born to be crashed. Come when personnel pulling lift up or let down with a rope trailer when, son son one face is spellbound, big S comforts him by, at the same time sober ground handles traffic accident matters concerned, be Ied hope two people are flesh wound.

Subsequently the reporter calls son son broker is small, he confirms son son produces traffic accident. He states son son drives yesterday afternoon Taipei faithful filial piety east near the road, he goes continuously in artery, have a car transverse rush, bump into son son to sit next those who drive is right hind, hit a sunken hole. The circumstance before Xiaozhi states son son looks is very good, thank everybody to care.

As to the cummer before son son Xu Weilun does not consider overmuch response, state two people had parted company, know thing of son son it doesn't matter is OK, as to there is big S on the car, she states this is the freedom of son son.

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