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Into 龍 " beneficent cup " weekday Shanghai 舉 goes

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" the 盃 that become 龍 " 舉 of weekday of star charity vivid 動 goes, eldest brother 趕 goes to Shanghai 佈 buy everything. New 華 company

[this 報 Shanghai is new 聞 center 記 person chapter 蘿 蘭 1 day of 電 ] namely 將 ascends 場 of 車 of 賽 of 際 of 陸 Shanghai 國 in this weekday " 賽 of star of cup of the charity that become 龍 " 開 of 間 call together is here new now 會 of 聞 發 佈 .

Into 龍 this beneficent cup stars 賽 is only " into charity of the 賽 on 龍 on the weekend " the one part of vivid 動 , 還 of 該 series vivid 動 includes what 舉 of 場 of Yo of 體 of 8 萬 person goes to be in Shanghai tomorrow evening " the 2005 friend 們 Shanghai that become 龍 and him sing 會 " reach day after tomorrow to be in in the evening of 辦 of 舉 of hotel of Jin Maojun 悅 " late banquet of the charity that become 龍 " etc.

Tomorrow evening namely 將 appears on 場 of Shanghai 體 Yo " the friend 們 Shanghai that becomes 龍 and him sings 會 " but 謂 is starlight Yi Yi. 據 all, except beforehand the Li Zongcheng that 確 decides, 黃 tastes Bai Zhi of source, Fang Zuming, Lin Xinru, Dai Peini, Jin Xishan, 張 , 張 intelligent 倫 of Hui Mei of shake high mountain, 張 , 蘇, , shang Youzhou 華 be good at fine 賓 gives 場 .

據 all, sing besides 現 場 into 龍 " male 兒 當 from 強 " , " ashamed of 問 heart 無 " , " 壯 annals is in my bosom " outside waiting for good song, 對 of tender feelings of 們 of friend of belle of 還 將 與 is sung. The 為 of cooperative music eye of 與 Dai Peini " I care about you only " , 與 蘇 of intelligent 倫 is " 愛 affection has assorted 麼 reason " , the 為 of cooperative music eye of 與 張 Bai Zhi " in rain " . In addition, into Jin Xishan of 與 of 龍 還 將 對 is sung " obviously for nothing my heart " and " be born each days when hit the target in me " love song of allusion of 兩 head 經 .

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