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Dongguan " double 10 " beauty of sea horse blessing will receive in glory " opti

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In August the middle ten days of a month, "10 beautiful car boutiques of 2005 Dongguan city " and " citizen of the 2nd Dongguan most love 10 large models " selection activity, in the course a many month participates in broad citizen and netizen after choosing, "Dongguan citizen's most satisfactory 10 cart " reach " Dongguan 10 beautiful boutique " all spend fall have the home, through intense contend, final Hainan horse comes from Dafumei same steam horse amounts to 1.6 new power oneself 6 wait for 10 models from numerous in participating beautiful car, win out, fold laurel to wrap around Guan Rongying " Dongguan citizen is the most welcome 10 cart " title, and sea horse Dongguan east amount to a sale to served inn to still be obtained at the same time " 10 beautiful boutique " title, pick the laurel that took two 10 beautiful along with all the others.

Choosing an activity this is by Dongguan city motor vehicle association and information times are held jointly. Participate in through kind of network and fax, letter by 10 thousand citizens, undertake evaluating making component by the expert next, define list of bear the palm, ensured mobile fairness, just, open, at the same time the activity also gets the numerous unit such as daily of committee of Dongguan city consumer, Guangzhou and media support energetically ensured selection authority. And broad citizen singles out these models personally, the public is approbated degree tall, this is afterwards after information times held this activist successfully last year, this year the 2nd strong roll out this activity.

In choosing an activity this, sea horse Dongguan east amount to a sale to serve inn to come by right of beauty of sea horse blessing 1.6 models are participated, be elected with higher ticket number " 10 beautiful " , this is afterwards after blessing beauty obtained this honor last year 2 degrees continue to hold a title this laurel, this must let the actual strength that the person comes to blessing beauty be looked at with new eyes once more. All the time since blessing beauty comes from the advantage that appears on the market to be compared by right of tall sex price to show itself in the market, plus its good use economy and the mature character that accumulate for years and market public praise, sales volume is climbed successively litre. Statistical data shows, before this year 5 months, the accumulative total sales volume that blessing beauty comes to exceeds 24 thousand, grow compared to the same period be as high as 25 % . Because its are in the expression grabbing an eye of the market, by people praise be intermediate car city " new 3 appearance " , more broad Cheyou breathes out kindly for " MM " , the passion that people loves to its is in overtones.

Blessing beauty comes as a family expenses intermediate car, in be the same as scale model, the sexual price that with its reliable character has with its is in than the advantage is quite conspicuous. And the blessing beauty that obtains special honour this comes series of 1.6 new power, sea horse manufacturer undertook innovating once more to its on the foundation of original technology, use in the core component such as system of engine, gear-box, guard against theft brand-new technology, prevented the respect such as a confusion of voices, comfortable sex to undertake optimizing in safety performance, sound insulation, sexual price compares comprehensive promotion, character is more reliable also, appear on the market to be chased after again with respect to what acquire the market so hold in both hands, make the first selection model of a litter. The 2005 China that just ended July (Chongqing) in a list of names posted up of car general comment, the accord that blessing beauty will come to obtain consumer and expert is approbated, will " optimal sex price compares 2005 year car " award in pulling a bosom. On August 2, british car media " What Car " the findings of dependability of 05 year car that announce, be in in recent years the whole world especially the 2nd when the Ma Zida brand that home market rises abruptly quickly ranks dependability to always add up to pop chart, be far ahead of integral dependability level is other Europe fastens a brand; And 4 years " German car pictorial " year quality findings report shows: Quality of Ma Zida brand ranks the first. Have the honor to win this once more " Dongguan citizen is the most welcome 2005 10 cart " come to blessing beauty for since success will come when conditions are ripe and fact return to the name, not only in the brand bristly Dongguan is broad the person that buy a car offerred valuable referenced opinion, also proved blessing beauty comes to this again long test of classics car city, having " evergreen tree " and " new 3 appearance " the model of recognition is by no means billow gets undeserved reputation.
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