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Dongguan " double 10 " beauty of sea horse blessing will receive in glory " opti

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Blessing beauty comes from since appearing on the market, accumulate win of all kinds award amount to 50 multinomial, though honor belongs to the past, sea horse is innovating all the time, but the new standard of the person that this also gives its to accumulate the public praise that come down and lasting dependability for a long time to become more and more families to buy a car gradually from flank report.

Sea horse serves store in the 4S sale of Dongguan -- sea horse Dongguan east when the concerned controller that amounts to a sale to serve store is talking about the experience to this bear the palm, say, this Dong Dashuang is fond of their sea horse face the door to obtain " double 10 beautiful " , blessing beauty will be received in glory again " 10 beautiful " , it is broad Dongguan citizen of the comprehensive strength such as advantage of valence comparing, brand, perfect to its sex after service advantage affirm once more, they value this to earn the honor that come by actual strength very. And " 10 beautiful " the acquisition that serves a boutique is car of broad sea horse advocate approbate one kind when serve a level to sea horse, "Golden cup, the public praise that silver cup is inferior to everybody " , can get broad customer approbate, give sea horse the highest honor of service quality namely.

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