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Automobile glass crackle is repaired opportunely

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A lot of people have when high speed drive a vehicle, windshield by cobble or other good thing plays cracked experience. Encounter this kind of situation, if change for a small crack,make a glass, waste not only, and it is to not worth really; If ignore, wind pressure can let break exceed spread again bigger, affect not only beautiful, can cause menace to safety.

At this moment, if go,do automobile glass to repair be ideal to settle way. Automobile glass is glass of agglutination of a kind of double deck, get of outside force when bumping, if the force can't let it broken and produce crack only, the agglutination layer among can enter with the action of atmosphere force depart because of air,

Of automobile glass repairing basically is to be in break fill liquid state is colloid, eliminate gap. The data that fill glass place uses is a kind of diaphaneity very tall liquid state is colloid, encounter ultraviolet ray to heat but rapid and caky, intensity can amount to the 90 % above of former glass. Construction process also is not very complex, main tool is the vacuum injector with tectonic canal of a similar needle, the function is vitreous cut the air inside is taken, fill next repair an agent with glass (liquid state is colloid) . Smoke through relapsing a few times, after pressing, the space that repair can have 90 % Cheng Man at least fill fluid, at this moment reoccupy ultraviolet ray issues bell of dichotomy of or so each illuminate on the lamp, make long fluid infusion caky. After the machine removeds, the center of cut still can have a little gap, drip again at this moment concentration is higher repair an agent, the glass on the lid piece, after using drying of ultraviolet lamp illuminate likewise, with strickle of bit general surface, smooth agent is played on besmear, burnish with cloth can.

Normally the cut of a circle, in repair the crackle that a small circular mark or cobweb state can leave only after finishing, what see commonly still is together " flawless " good glass. And the 90 % above that the colloid glass intensity after the sclerosis of mend can achieve former glass.

Any damaged can not do be repaired of course, had better be use below the circumstance of small damaged.

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