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Clean correctly maintain love car is more healthy

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Overcast and rainy of latter Shen Cheng is continuous, car giving love undertook " outdoor shower " , also remind a car advocate should maintain in time to what car has change garments according to the season. Be cleaned correctly and maintain can make love car cleaner, more healthy, car advocate can begin to begin from the following respects.

Leather chair

Through burning hot summer, leather chair blind angle caused many bacteria, undertake leather chair is disinfected very be necessary. Undertake for car interior high temperature is disinfected above all, hit a leather to maintain for leather seat next candle, prevent dermal seat occurrence crack. Carpet and ground glue and the other part that concealment also are the good place that the bacterium creates, the place that cannot see the more more want careful cleanness.

Air conditioning

In summer, excess load of air conditioning hard to avoid runs, inside deposit a large number of dirt; Add summertime water much, be infected with silt inevitably, clean the service life that can affect air conditioning not in time.


Deserve to have the car of scuttle, roof also needs to undertake cleanness. Do not think not often open does not need to maintain and be safeguarded. Every day travel is on the road, window edge collected many dust, rainwater also can be permeated go in.

Automobile body

The rain of rainwater is acid, those who add the sunshine illuminate with strong summer to be able to make didymous lacquer range corrode and oxidize. Cleaning is necessary, still need polish, wax, seal glair or plated film to wait for a series of hairdressing conserve, be equivalent to car giving love doing " face film " . Consumer can reach the integrated element such as travel environment according to color of the new old rate of car, car, choose different conserve program.


As seasonal change, cool chair cool mat also was changed multifarious " warm " seating, often see the adornment inside roadside car through car window, look the feeling with cozy warmth giving a person. Seating includes a few more the following type: Super and lovely model

The world-renowned popular brand such as dimension Ni Xiong, SNOOPY, HEIIOKITTY, for numerous MM people like. Seating pillowcase, hang act the role of a toy, steering wheel is covered, paper towel box is covered etc, use these lovely dot, a vogue and sweet atmosphere can be built inside the car. Of these things decorate just should get benefit, too much your person is dazzling. Distinctive and practical model the seating of cloth art quality of a material experts simply, deserve to go up falbala, quietly elegant does not have interest again. The style that uses feeling girl less is lovely, much however of girl of an adjacent home quiet and tastefully laid out and easy, suit white-collar car more advocate. The seat of cloth cover, easy dirty, cover seat of honour, convenient clean, can choose the cushion of three-piece suit. If be dermal seat, best choice is covered 5 times, winter back is cool cool, want cushion not only even back of a chair, back of a chair can protect derma to sit better chair, make its not easy ageing hardens. If craftsmanship is fine, might as well oneself do seating, that is unique absolutely " out of print " .
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