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Long holiday returns how to nurse love car

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Country drive a vehicle: Remove dust in the round

Answer car inside and outside to undertake cleaning the prostitution with eliminate full car in the round above all. Undertake cleaning to car batholith place, should notice pair of wheel hub inside especially clean, avoid to adhere to because of having a large number of earth and cause wheel dynamic balancing bad. Can check tire sidewall to whether have cut, damaged incidentally, in fetal grain whether scree of be mingled with, avoid dynamic balancing bad to mix the accident harm that a cobble swings to build didymous and other vehicle and staff when highway travel. Rinse engine at the same time, the silt near sealing strip of cleared car window in order to maintain car window open normal, avoid to contain the silt cut glass of quartz, clean dynamoelectric rearview mirror and adjustment to be controlled in order to maintain this system reliable. If the feeling is truckload dirt is sundry more, the proposal is checked and change 3 filter.

In addition, should manage to find time whether does examination engine leather belt have the sign that the pine is taken off or ruptures, also check mechanical system to whether have at the same time run risk a leakage, examination electric equipment accepts the case that after whether plug-in unit has jolt, becomes loose. Long cross-country drive journey, bodywork can bear often bigger road surface impact, beard examination bodywork solders importantly place, handle the tiny flaw that metallic fatigue produces in time. Examination transmission shaft is lubricant in good condition, if pay no attention to,want to should maintain as soon as possible change even. Of course, above these beardless cars advocate oneself start work, let professional steam repair inn place to go to manage.

Long-distance drive a vehicle: Key examination

After long-distance journey, fluid of the engine oil of the car, cooling fluid, brake is likely loss ratio is older, if have,lack should complement in time. It is with brake fluid exemple, want an examination to whether lack brake fluid, whether does the examination need to change at the same time brake fluid. Brake fluid common calls brake oil, use the car advocate brake force transmits car brake to go up. Move back and forth in canal of apply the brake as a result of brake fluid, meeting ooze goes to brake total pump and the metallic powder that divide pump in brake fluid, after period of time, wait for foreign matter with respect to meeting generation greasy filth, viscosity increases, with respect to the force of apply the brake of car of can immediate impact, incorporate is a car advocate sensory brake " too soft " , because of this car advocate every travel 20 thousand to 40 thousand kilometer, must change brake fluid, lest risk produces in drive a vehicle.

Car advocate whether can there be the experience that has blown chassis in memory travel process. In the meantime, whether does around of comparative holiday love a car have apparent change, if appear,chassis abnormal knocking, steering wheel shakes, the park position of car appears the phenomenon such as oily be soiled, with respect to the specification chassis has been damaged. Because,this is after batholith of scratch of road surface fraise, a few parts that cause chassis possibly are out of shape, place pull rod of arm, or so direction to wait up and down especially incidental be out of shape. In addition, a few slight touch blow same meeting to cause the place such as case of engine oil base to produce slight leakage. A few aperture of the car batholith of some brands are plug of a place of strategic importance that use gum, time grows, the sealing that fills in as a result of glue drops, the car falls in the circumstance such as leach, ford, can water enters a car inside, possible meeting is caused become moldy inside the car reach generation peculiar smell. This needs a car advocate take care more at ordinary times.
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