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How conserve your new car?

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1 ask: It is quickly when car cold start-up first warm-up still is an edge very warm-up taking a side is good, flat perhaps not is warm-up carried directly fast good?

Answer: Best means is in what start 10 seconds are controlled let a car go slowly, quicken again after 10 seconds, namely it is good that the edge walks along edge warm-up, because such harm to the car are the smallest, nevertheless premise is the engine oil that the car uses must be when microtherm liquidity is better, adjust an edge to take the time of edge warm-up according to specific air temperature at the same time, if be in northward winter, the time of warm-up wants more grow some

2 ask: Block a car automatically to want to be not put in neutral when crossing traffic light?

Answer: The accident of the traffic light time that this basically should wait for according to need will decide, when blocking a model automatically to jockey temporarily commonly, do not advocate put in neutral, because right now gear-box still is in,run, put empty shelves bigger to the harm of gear-box, if red light time is very short,have a few seconds only or the time of a few seconds, it is OK to should step on brake only, if time is long, have a minute for instance or the time of above, can put in neutral.

3 ask: The car adjusts period oil bad news and passed to adjust period the oily waste time later is basic and same, excuse me this is planted circumstance constant, be good bad still?

Answer: The car is adjusted period oily bad news and passed to adjust period the oily bad news later perhaps changes basically euqally not quite, this is a good appearance, explain engine is very good, precision is very tall, for instance two same cars, one is in adjust period during oily bad news is 12 litres / 100 kilometers, passed to adjust period later the oily bad news of every 100 kilometers drops to be controlled to 10 litres; One is adjusted period during oily bad news is 13 litres / 100 kilometers, adjust period later 100 kilometers oily bad news drops to be controlled to 10 litres, it is latter of former feel well apparently, the precision that shows engine is tall.

4 ask: When to be cold (like the winter) what engine oil should use? Is the engine oil that should use when peace different?

Answer: Air temperature is low the engine oil that when be like winter, uses wants for certain and common different, should use winter special engine oil, prevent engine oil to fluidity is reduced or coagulate when air temperature is reduced, when the choice, should choose multistage engine oil, the engine oil of W is contained in engine oil grade namely, wait for such engine oil like 5W40.

5 ask: Inn of a lot of hairdressing is doing brilliant bright glair now, can you introduce the action of brilliant bright glair simply?

Answer: The action of brilliant bright glair has a lot of, but basically be the hardness that raises car lacquer those who protect car lacquer area is bright and clean, the addition to car surface brightness is helpful also after construction at the same time, these are the main functions of brilliant bright glair.
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