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How should new car and the brake system of two handcart maintain?

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Ask: My new car engine trembles badly, what reason be excuse me?
Answer: Certain new car can have this kind of case, car engine shakes serious, breakdown indicator light is ablaze at the same time, suspicion of a lot of people is problem of car existence quality, actually real reason is feculent the pollution that caused the system that offer oil with not stable fuel or jam. On the world a few advanced car deployed the United States or the tail gas that Europe produces arranges the system that monitor, because this kind controls a system to detect very can acutely,car tail gas is discharged and fuel cleanness state, use feculent fuel to be able to cause fuel so supply, ignition, discharge systematic pollution, bring about engine trouble indicator light to illume to shake with the engine of different level then. So effective means of settlement is: After the system that complete cleanness is polluted, 98 benzine that add index performance stability continuously or the oil path cleaner that 93 97 date, benzine add ration.
   Ask: What I buy is two handcart, how should maintain?
Answer: Should have a car above all external clean, include engine cabin to clean, car interior trim removes dust, undertake to car nick lacquer, glazing waxes filling etc. Undertake checking to automobile safety problem even: Want to be adjusted to clearance of car stop a car; Car clutch is adjusted; Undercarriage of car Buddhist templeput on the brakes, piece change; Car damping equipment is safeguarded, car tire is safeguarded or change; System of car circuit oil path detects; Car lamplight signature is whole wait. Check a car to whether have even burn oil of engine oil, leakage, flat issue; Engine shakes, locomotive noise is big wait for a problem to want to go manufacturer undertakes maintaining, the batteries that sees a car even whether n is enough, should have complement in time or change. Ferial if appear,drive engine shakes serious, air conditioning stop a car of not cool, car, turn to the abnormal phenomenon such as occurrence abnormal knocking to safeguard and must detect immediately.
   Ask: How does the brake system of the car maintain?
Answer: Car advocate but oneself feel braking system all has as good as first constant, response is sensitive. The brake system great majority of the car is double-barreled road vacuum apply the brake of the hydraulic pressure that help strength. As modern treatment craft rise, the working stability of mechanical system already very reliable. Those who be worth to take seriously is the brake fluid that transfers power of apply the brake, it has extremely strong water imbibition. If water enters brake fluid, in the process of apply the brake, the high temperature that attrition produces can make lunt is changed. And gas has condensability, be compressed in brake fluid, can cause apply the brake to be out of order even invalidation. Enter spring later, rainwater is increasing, airy humidity will be bigger and bigger. If brake fluid has a few moisture content before monsoon comes, that will be very dangerous. Some brake fluid is bibulous more serious car, can see drip on lid of brake fluid grease cup. So, often must check brake fluid when spring maintains, in order to make sure drive a vehicle is safe.
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