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Day of sand blown by wind, brush a car not to use oily duster

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Car spring maintains at 4 o'clock notice <br>
Cooling fluid does not change clear water <br>
If the cooling fluid in cistern is insufficient, must continue to add or change cooling fluid, must not change clear water. Because clear water is easy,create scale, scale, and boiling point is low, cause extremely easily " boil " . Check osculum of or so two side to whether be jammed incidentally at the same time, lest rain hind, rainwater is discharged not free, pour rinse car inside. Changing when cooling fluid, you should notice, the service life of general antifreeze is 2 years, the antifreeze of original brand had better be used when change. And notice cooling system has inside the period of time after change do not have leakage, if have leakage,overhaul in time please. <br>
Full inspection <br> is done before air conditioning is enabled
Before use car air conditioning, should examine the clean case of surface of condenser, evaporator. If dirt is more, should give clean and use compress air aspiration. <br>
Refrigeration agent is not worth one of reasons that are air conditioning invalidation. Add when noting refrigeration agent, should notice refrigeration agent whether leak, can use leak detector leak hunting, also can pass connect of surface of observation compressor spare parts, tube, pipe to be in oil stains more or less will judge. If oil stains is very much, show systematic leak, answer to undertake in time repairing. Still must check core of air conditioning filter to whether need to change in addition, taproot of a lot of cars does not tell its presence originally. Core of air conditioning filter stands by windscreen glass position below advanced machine lid, it is the filter of air inlet of the air conditioning inside the car. <br>
Condenser is the radiator of air conditioning. The filter that take energy of life or condenser jam, can affect the diverge of air conditioning greatly. After air is cooled, the moisture content that condensation forms gathers together, outside must discharging dispatch a vehicle. This outfall is in commonly the bottom of the car, the silt that is risen easily by the belt when car travel jams, and in weather of sand blown by wind this is planted the circumstance is more incidental. <br>
Notice whether brake fluid is bibulous <br>
Great majority of car brake system is double-barreled road vacuum apply the brake of the hydraulic pressure that help strength. Those who be worth to take seriously is the brake fluid that transfers power of apply the brake, it has extremely strong water imbibition. If water enters brake fluid, in the process of apply the brake, the high temperature that attrition produces can make hydrosphere is changed. And gas has condensability, be compressed in brake fluid, can cause apply the brake to be out of order even invalidation. <br>
Enter spring later, rainwater is increasing, airy humidity will be bigger and bigger. If brake fluid has a few moisture content before monsoon comes, that will be very dangerous. Some brake fluid is bibulous more serious car, can see drip on lid of brake fluid grease cup. Must want to check brake fluid when the summer maintains so, the life that drives the person that multiply in order to assure is safe. <br>
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