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How conserve brake system

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Of use cleanness, the brake fluid of high quality is the postulate that brake system maintains. If brake fluid became dirty, should dropt and strong only whole system, use new juice fill next full advocate oil cylinder. Brake oil does not repeat use, all brake fluid from the dropt in the system should be discarded. <br>
Maintaining face of fluid of regular examination brake is the most important in the project of brake system, should a month is checked. <br>
Should notice to clear after drive a vehicle the dust dirt on brake system, can use dry brush, also can suck with cleaner. <br>
Before checking stop a car, brush carefully earn advocate the dirt on oil cylinder, lest any dirty stuffs are dropped,enter oil tank. Pick off fastener (it is peg commonly) with cap. To doing not have the oil cylinder of scale, should maintain fluid face to be apart from oil cylinder to carry 6 millimeter on the head, if have scale, should preserve fluid area only taller than scale OK. If advocate the crock needs to cheer, join please accord with DOT3 or the burden brake oil of 4 standards. <br>
Ten million does not splash brake fluid carefully on paint, because it has very strong caustic, can destroy face lacquer. <br>
Be in very a paragraph long inside period if total crock brake is oily, and you always are in add, that is very apparent your brake system has leakage oily problem, should undertake check and be maintaininged. <br>
A bit the most important, should choose quality reliable gallop be able to bear or endure general product, reach place gallop be able to bear or endure general car checks even locksmith, change brake is oily.
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