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Engine long life has gist

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Want to notice to adjust use <br>
This is the foundation that prolongs engine service life. No matter be the new engine after still heavying repair, after must undertaking adjusting by the standard, just can throw normal operation. <br>
Often check <br> of close firm position
Diesel engine or gasoline engine suffer in use process shake concussion and bear to be not affected equably, bolt, nut becomes loose easily, return those who have each place to adjust bolt to want scrutiny, lest cause because of becoming loose attaint works. Spiracle clearance, photograph distributing gas, shift to an earlier date for oil horn, injection pressure and ignition when wait to should be checked in time, adjust, in order to make sure engine often is in good technical position, ability saves fuel, prolong service life. <br>
Keep oily clean <br> of clean airframe of clean, water
If fuel is impure clean, can make cooperate parts accurately to wear away, cooperate clearance to increase, cause pressure of leakage oil, dribble, power supply to reduce, clearance greatens, cause oil path to jam even, hold an axis in the arms to burn the catastrophe failure such as tile; If a large number of dust are contained in air, will quicken cylinder bushing, piston and piston annulus wear away; If cooling water is impure clean, furring of can refrigerative department increases, cloggy engine comes loose hot, lubricant condition becomes poor, parts wears away serious; Be like airframe appearance ungodliness, can make airframe is corroded, shorten service life. <br>
Assure oil sufficient, water sufficient <br> of sufficient, air
If benzine and air are supplied not seasonable or interrupt, can appear starting difficulty, combustion undesirable, power drops, engine cannot run normally wait for a phenomenon; Be like engine oil in short supply or interrupt, can make engine lubricant undesirable, parts wears away serious, appear even the phenomenon that burn tile; If cooling water is insufficient, can make machine lukewarm exorbitant, power drops, wear away aggravate, lower service life. <br>
Should diligent check observation, frequently, discover breakdown eliminates in time. Should regular make good engine maintain the job, make the machine maintains from beginning to end run in good technical position. (Xiaoyue) <br>

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